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Early access questions


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I have collected list of questions what i have seen asked more than once once (or missed since not everyone is in Discord):

  • What is max level on time of launch? Max level in game is 250, is there lower limit in start?
  • Are all existing planets available? There were talks that only Junon or something
  • Which dungeons open on launch? Thats question IF only Junon/etc planets are available in start.
  • What are connection limits from same shared IP ? There is limit of 2 sessions per PC, what about from same shared internet line?
  • Will early beta client auto update itself to early access one or has to be deleted/replaced by new one?
  • What are the updated minimum requirements for game? What windows version? Ram?
  • Will Rose points be avalable on early launch? Can rose points be traded in some way? Can items be gifted/bought for others?
  • Is there public roadmap what could be shared to know whats coming next/planned?



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  • 250 is max limit and that’ll be the limit when the game releases and during Early Access. 
  • Junon, Luna, Eldeon, and Orlo are the ones currently available. There are plans for the last 3 to be finished, but we have quite a way to go. 
  • No dungeons have been removed. They’re all available upon Early Access.
  • There is no talk involving utilizing IP per household. The current rule is 2 clients per machine. If there are other members of your household playing, they’re able to. I think if they will investigate you for violating the 2 per machine rule, they may use IP as another way to confirm their suspicions. I cannot talk on that, this is purely speculative. 
  • There was no beta period, only alpha. During the stress test most of us downloaded a client and was able to use that. They say that those who still have the client will continue to be able to use them for Early Access. It’ll update on its own. If you don’t have the client don’t worry. They already said they’d release it prior to EA for those needing to download.
  • Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft nor is it supported by this game. Windows 8 will no longer be supported by Microsoft in January. Windows 10 is officially supported by the team. I haven’t heard anything about Windows 11, however, I currently use Windows 11 and had no issues with playing the stress test. According to Garnet (via discord) the only RAM requirement is 4GB RAM (see photo). 
  • No information has been provided so far regarding Rose Points (not that I’m aware of anyway). All IM items will be account locked upon purchase meaning it can only be used by you and never traded. I hope a gifting option will be available, but I’m not sure if it goes against the no P2W philosophy. 
  • No public road map has been given.  The team has been hard at work in preparing the game for Early Access so we could enjoy the game. 


I hope I was able to answer all of your questions! 

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