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Early Access FAQ


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Please use this FAQ mostly to get a sense of where the team is headed and not as an established development plan. The answers are a snapshot in time of the general plans and ideas of the team at the time of being asked. Any concrete features, content or changes mentioned are merely examples, which may or may not make it into the game in one form or another.


Table of Contents


1. Game Release :ForumChoropog:

  • When will the game be released?
    Early access has released on December 13th 2022. There is no date for the official release yet.
  • Where can I download the game?
    The game will be available for download from our website shortly before the release.
  • What does "early access" mean?
    The game is still considered to be a work in progress by the team and will not be advertised to the wider public for the time being.
  • Why are you releasing early access, rather than finishing development first?
    Since the game is in a playable state (close to what it was before it shut down), there is no reason not to let ROSE fans already play and part-take in the further development process. The improvements we want to make to the game will take time to allow for attention to detail and the community to accept them, which we would not have with the pressure to rush for a specific date.
  • Will I be able to play the early access release?
    Everyone will be able play the game. You just need to create a free account.
  • Will characters get wiped once the game is officially released?
    No. Part of the reason of going for an "early access" type approach rather than an extended open beta, is not to invalidate our players' progress. We value your time and want you to stay around!
  • What version of the game will this be?
    The basis is the latest naROSE before it shutdown. There have already been a couple of changes (mostly around the removal of pay-to-win), performance improvements and fixes to notorious bugs. We will keep building on that basis.
  • What changes will be made to the game?
    We do not plan to just bring back the old version, since we do not agree with all design decisions (some of which were made to push item mall sales). But most of the core features will remain the same or at least very similar.
    We will keep iterating to slowly overhaul different aspects of the game and add more content over the course of early access and beyond. The specifics are not set in stone and we are looking forward to figure those out along with our community.
  • Will I have access to my old account?
    No. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the old database and thus, are not able to restore old accounts.
  • How can I stay up to date about the development?
    We will always post the most important news on our website. Our discord is a great place to stay in touch and engage with the community. And if you want to get a bit more a behind the scenes look of our development process, consider supporting us on Ko-fi.


2. Technical Info 🖥️

  • Will multi-clienting be allowed?
    Our current stance is that we will allow a maximum of two clients simultaneously per person.
  • How many accounts can I register with a single email address?
  • Using the F-keys is awkward. Will hotkeys be remappable?
    The default action bar hotkeys have been changed to 1, 2, 3,... and shift-1, shift-2, shift-3,... for now. And we are planning to have remappable hotkeys at some point.
  • Will I be able to play from my country?
    There will not be any IP locking. So whether you will be able to play depends only on possible regulations or rules in your country.
  • What will the latency be like where I live?
    The servers are based in New Jersey, USA. Expect your ping to be as good as your connection allows it to be when connecting to a server based in the US. For the official release, we will add relay server for regions with a significant amount of players. These will provide a better ping for slower connections from those regions.
  • Will the game engine be updated?
    No. While the features of the popular engines are tempting, it would take at least a year to remake the game in another engine from scratch without even adding to it.
    We would rather use that time to work on and optimize the existing codebase to get you more content and a more polished game.
  • Are there any graphic reworks you are planning to do in the near future?
    We already have implemented a bigger view distance and changed the client to 64-bit, which allows us to use higher resolution textures in the future.
  • Will you add support for higher resolution displays and different refresh rates?
    We plan support different resolutions. Changing refresh rates might require too many engine changes to be a priority.
  • Will there be UI scaling to improve the experience on large monitors?
    At some point, yes. The problem is that all UI elements are fixed images.
  • Will ROSE Online be on iOS/Android/Linux/Mac?
    Bringing ROSE Online to other platforms is something we are interested in doing at at some point in the future. We are already tinkering with a SteamDeck version on the side and better accessibility on Linux and MacOS.
  • Will ROSE Online be on Steam?
    Bringing ROSE Online to Steam is something we are planning on doing before the game officially releases.
  • Will the game be available on mobile/console?
    We want it to be available on Linux/Mac first, but we would love to bring the game to mobile and console platforms.
  • Will you get kicked out of the game after being AFK for too long?
    No, unless there is a queue to get into the server (due to high popularity).

3. Changes & Improvements :SkillStronk:

3.1 General :WorryMoldie:

  • What is the maximum level?
    The maximum level is 250.
  • Will you have increased drop and / or experience rates?
    No changes have been made to either the drop rates or the experience rate. There will likely be tweaks to individual drops and experience values at some point, but no flat rate increase.
  • What will happen to stat and skill resets?
    Resets will be available to all players through a game system rather than the item mall. There is no specific plan for what that will look like yet.
    During our early access phase, stat and skill resets will be available for unlimited use in the skill tab.
  • Are you going to increase the maximum party size?
    The maximum party size has been increased to 10. 
  • Will there be advanced AI for mobs?
    There is a lot of room for more interesting AI behavior (e.g. monsters healing each other). We want, especially dungeons, to feature more interesting monster behavior. This is something we have not explored yet and it is not an immediate priority.

3.2 Pay to Win :SkillShop:

  • Do you plan to continue the previous ROSE Online business model?
    We are well aware that the game started to suffer from pay-to-win rot over time and we will not be repeating this pattern. Our goal is to make ROSE a fun game with a great community, not to exploit our players. Gravity is our business partner, but we are a new company and a new team independent of them. This means that we can and will do things differently as stewards of ROSE Online. The most important of which are transparency and the inclusion of our community in the development process.
  • What will you be able to purchase from the Item Mall?
    There will only be cosmetic items and quality of life perks for sale on the item mall. Costumes will not provide extra stats.
  • Will there still be premium accounts?
    There seems to be demand for a way to support us on a regular basis, so we are going to keep premium accounts in the game. A premium account will only get a couple of quality of life features, but nothing that would be considered "pay-to-win".
  • If remote storage makes it into the game as a premium feature, will it come without a storage fee?
    Any premium features would only add convenience. For this example in particular it means, that you would access the storage in exactly the same way as you would at the NPC (including a fee), just from anywhere in the world.

3.3 Quality of Life :SkillKiss:

  • Are you going to improve the quest UI?
    We've already added a quest tracker, so you no longer have to keep opening the quest log to look at your progress. The minimap will also be improved, as it currently only provides very limited information. However, we do not want you to just follow an arrow, there has to be some level of exploration and player initiative.
  • Will you add more info to the stat UI?
    Stat tooltips explaining the effect have already been added and we will keep improving the character window.
  • Will the target's HP and level be visible?
    We have already added a target HP bar at the top of the screen. We will likely also add a level indicator at some point.
  • Will auto-loot be a thing?
    Probably not, but things can always change.
  • Will you increase the inventory size?
    We are considering to e.g. allow for more inventory slots with a backpack equipped. We are also discussing expanding the base size and/or removing the categories, allowing for 90 general slots rather than 3x30 specific ones. Nothing has been decided or implemented yet.
  • Do you have any plans to rework the storage?
    Yes! There are a couple of ideas floating around, so we cannot tell you what it would look like exactly yet.
  • Any plans to make vending less impractical?
    We currently have no new system in place yet, but we have certain ideas. Offline vending is one of them. Another option would be a separate shop that will still allow you to move your character and leave your shop 'behind' so to say. Removing the need for a second account purely for having a shop up.
  • Will you implement a follow player function?
    We believe that relying on carts and extra mount seats is more in the spirit of the game.
  • What will the initial mod support look like?
    There will not be any modding API to begin with, but the restrictions on modifying specific assets in the client directory will be lifted.

3.4 Extra Content :SkillPray:

  • Will there be flying mounts?
    Never say never, but without an open world and completely overhauled maps it's not a good idea.

3.5 Economy & Loot :SkillTrade:

  • What are your plans for the loot tables?
    Items should drop where it makes sense for them to drop; e.g. feathers from mobs, that actually have feathers, and item levels corresponding to the mob level. This way, you would be able to target specific zones and mobs to farm specific items. Since loot tables go hand in hand with craft tables, those will be revisited as well.
  • Will loot drop tables be public information?
    It is still being discussed. We do not want to give you all the information upfront, but we also do not want to give you nothing to work with. A compromise will be found.
  • Will there be any changes made to the drop mechanics?
    We are open to suggestions.
  • Will items bind to accounts/characters?
    All blue items no longer bind. Quest items and specific endgame items will still bind to your character. And IM items will bind to your account.
  • Will there be a marketplace or an auction house?
  • Will you remove <this item> from the NPC vendors?
    We are taking a close look at all crafting materials being sold at vendors. We do not want Artisans to be useless.
  • Will refining still be done with Talismans and Bindrunes or migrated to a system from a different version?
    The main materials for refining will stay the same. However, the success chances have been increased and items can no longer break (to make up for the removal of P2W refining materials). This change especially makes refining higher level items less frustrating.


3.6 Gameplay :SkillDefend:

  • What are your plans for buffs?
    The buffs have been slightly reshuffled and spread around the different jobs again, such that there are no more duplicates on two different jobs.
  • Will you rework and / or balance every class?
    At the moment, our main concern is making the Cleric viable for group play as an active supporter (mainly heals for now). And over the course of early access, every job will get looked at and polished or overhauled one by one.
  • What is your philosophy with the Cleric?
    ROSE needs a little bit of innovation. We think, that Cleric should be an active class someone is playing. You should main cleric. Cleric should not be a buff bot, that everybody has as a second window.
    Removing all the duplicate buffs has revealed both the strengths and the weaknesses of the remaining Cleric kit. It is a fine solo leveling job, but the heals are just too weak.
  • Are you planning to change the skilltrees?
    No plans yet. But we think the current skill trees are bland with a lot of very similar passive skills.
  • Have you made any changes to movement speed?
    The base movement speed for all characters has been increased from 450 to 700 making running around significantly faster.
  • Will you bring back dexterity increasing attack speed?
    Probably not. The IM attack speed passives have been added baseline and launcher attack rate has been increased, though.

3.7 Leveling & Endgame :SkillEvil:

  • What measures are you taking to populate the lower level areas?
    Lower level zones will have some section(s) changed. Those sections will contain one or more higher level mobs, allowing higher level players to come back to level or farm there - right next to the lower level players.
  • Will soloing still be an option with the changes you have planned?
    We are trying to strike a balance between encouraging group play as the preferred way of playing and leaving the option to play solo.
  • Will leveling still take as long as it used to without medals and costumes?
    Since there have been no changes to the experience, leveling will take longer than before due to the lack of the experience modifiers.
  • Will you restrict the amount of dungeons and game arenas one can part-take in?
  • Will there be castle gear?
    Yes, but it needs more of a purpose than showing it off. Just wait and see. 🙂

3.8 Miscellaneous :SkillLoot:

  • Is there going to be a way to stop gaining XP?
    There is still an item sold at NPCs to allow you to do that. Whether it will be needed in the future depends on what we do with the drop tables.
  • Would you guys consider making a system where people can choose to flag up for PvP in any zone?
    We are more likely to just have dedicated PvP zones. These zones should have some kind of reward for taking that risk, maybe some special material that drops there or faster. But we do not want to punish people who do not PvP either.
  • Will you make the stat / spell formulas available to the public?
    If those were public, it would be much easier for people to figure out the ideal setup. This is bad, because it pushes everyone towards that ideal, removing diversity in builds and play styles. Anyone putting in the time and effort to figure those out by themselves is welcome to do so and should be rewarded with that increase in power.
  • Will there still be unique skill drops?
    We might consider unique skills for role playing purposes (e.g. a dance). But we are worried about the balancing of these kind of special skills if they impact combat and are not readily available to everyone.
  • What do you have planned for mounts?
    They need some attention and will temporarily be disabled until we can integrate them better. The animations can be weird, it's odd, that they are faster than a cart and having them as an item rather than a spell is awkward as well.

4. Helping & Supporting:SkillAttack:

  • Can you add a Suggestions channel?
    Please post any suggestions you have on our forum here.
  • I want to be part of the team!
    Sorry, we are currently not hiring. But do not let that stop you from contributing your work and ideas!
  • How can I get involved past testing?
    We want to work with teams within the community as part of our part of our "ROSE Online Team", separate from the official Rednim Games staff. Those will include the likes of moderators, support staff, artists and writers.
    We think it would be very cool to involve the community in writing and elaborating the story, creating events, working on ways to customize the UI or even design assets. Whenever we are looking to fill a specific function, we will make an announcement.
  • How can I support the project financially ?
    You can support us on Ko-fi and, once we release, by subscribing as a premium member and by getting yourself some a fancy dress from the item mall.

5. Miscellaneous ❔

  • Will you translate the game into my language?
    The codebase supports localization, such that most text can be translated. Several people have already contacted us, offering to make translations. It would be great to get community translations, but we yet have to setup the processes to make that happen.
  • Will there be customer service?
    There will be a support team, which you can reach through a ticket system. Initially, this will not be available through the game client.
  • What about private servers? Can we talk about them?
    We will not be commenting on private servers at this time. Discussing old private servers is fine (Ruff, Shin, Titan, etc.), but discussing servers that are currently active and violating copyright is forbidden.
  • How are you planning to incentivize reporting bugs?
    There will be a bug bounty, granting rewards relative to the size of the bug uncovered.
  • Will you do any merchandising?
    It would be cool to have ROSE merchandise. First, we need to finish establishing our own brand as a new version of the game and then find someone to help us bring merchandise into reality.
  • How many people are on the development team?
    As of right now, there are six Rednim Games employees, consisting mostly of developers. Also, we have eight community members helping us with different things (including art) as part of the ROSE Online team.
  • Will ROSE Online have NFT?
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