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Hi! CheeseKeyk here!


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Hi I am CheeseKeyk, online friends calls me "Cheese" for short.

I played ROSE Online since I was in High School till College 2004-2008 this game holds so much good memories during my childhood and honestly even I am old now I'll still play this game since it gave me happiness that I cannot find elsewhere, I used to play in a private server after ROSE Online stopped their franchise in our country but I stopped by 2008 and played "Perfect World" instead since I reached the highest LVL in a private server(kinda hefty rich on it) already kinda bored me that there were no more updates or no new planets open, I am looking forward through this hopefully I can explore the other worlds/planets. I technically miss the "grit and grind" era -- no extra bonus on EXP just hard work and farming coz that experience made my ROSE Online more meaningful with friends and online friends, it makes us get closer together through Party - so yeah! I miss ROSE Online so much and would love to play it again!

Nice to meet you all! ❤️ 

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