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regarding channels and server limits


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According to FAQ:
What is the maximum population of a channel on a server? The technical limitation is 4000, but it might be less due to server load, connectivity, etc.

question regarding the channels and the 4000 max population lets say im playing on channel A for a couple of weeks, but the channel is full and im gonna play on channel B, will my progress be the same as on channel A? I remember it being that way in the past but i havent played the version that this version is based on.

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I think Winnie is asking because there used to be two servers at NA and they were totally separate.  You used your same game account(s) and could have characters with the same name on both servers. There was no way to switch from Leonis to Draconis with the same character so progress was limited to whichever server your characters were made on.

When the servers merged in 2015, the character who had the name the longest got to keep it and you were given a name change for the other character.  The inventories on both servers were combined.  It took quite awhile to sort out and much scrambling to get the name you wanted on the toon you wanted it on.

Anyway as it was previously stated, there has been no mention at all of ROSE having multiple servers.

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