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Hello, AustinNL here


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I played iRose from 2005-2006 and narose from 2006-201x. I used to be an artisan and the guy selling in the middle of eldeon always.

Anyone who remember me?

I am wondering if BarbarellaRose, bluesandwich, sybilla, pixiepop, ozzy, Nanners, slayer aka adam and someone from UAE called "nawal" I remember her lastname if i see it again.  


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Hi Austin, I don't remember your name but when you mentioned you always selling things in the middle of Eldeon, I remember I used to know someone like that 😄. Also, I think I knew someone with the name "ozzy" back in iRose/NaRose. My IGN was Alokywa, people called me Alok.

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