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My gf is really excited for this game. It's finally a game made for the game itself and in no(little) way for making money. Like this sets the game so far apart in the current gaming world. I haven't enjoyed gaming since and I feel like the revival of Rose online can actually get me back in to it!

Will this game in the future be compatible with mac osx? I haven't seen any minimum requirements for this game yet.

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Hey thanks for the message, we only support windows at the moment but may look into supporting other OS's in the future. I believe some user's have managed to get the game working via bootcamp if thats an option for you.


Will ROSE Online be on iOS/Android/Linux/Mac?
Bringing ROSE Online to other platforms is something we are interested in doing at at some point in the future.

Will the game be available on mobile/console?
We want it to be available on Linux/Mac first, but we would love to bring the game to mobile and console platforms.


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