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 Hi Everyone! Let's get to know each other!

Name: Damon Walker 

Preferred name to call you: Damon or Seven / 7

Gender/country/age: Male, USA & The Netherlands, Age 27 since 8 of august

When did you start playing Rose Online? i started playing rose online for the very first time in 2011 

Who introduce you to Rose/ What brought you to Rose? My older sister ,Seeing the gameplay, fun, enjoyment the community and the places j

What do you like the most from Rose Online? The community and respectfull people

What's your favorite class to play? (and why) Muse For healing and buffing people ofcourse duh ❤️

How did you discover Rose Online for the first time ? I found out that this game existed years ago when my older sister started playing it for the first time in 2009

Share your favorite memories from Rose Online! 100% easy & short said, everything

Favorite monster: Ofcourse moldie

Favorite places in Rose Online: Kenji beach & Junon Polis

Things you hate the most in Rose:  Nothing at all

Anything you want to say? Lets all have fun and enjoy that rose online has returned!

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