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Alpha Stress Test


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Hello all!

I am glad to announce we will be conducting our public Alpha Stress Test next Friday on August 12th! We will be opening up our alpha server to the community to connect so we can observe how our systems handle many players. It's going to be a good bit of chaotic fun! Our team will be online spawning mobs, dropping items and doing all kinds of crazy things to put our servers under stress. The servers will be open for the weekened from Aug 12 until Aug 14th. Depending on how the testing goes, we may need a second stress test. Otherwise, the stress test will officially mark the end of our alpha testing and the beginning of our transition towards closed beta.

We will make a follow up announcement later next week with details on how to connect to the alpha stress test and with a link to download the client.

We're also happy to announce the launch of the website! We've implemented several new features on the website that we'll slowly be unveiling in the coming weeks. Make sure to stop by and check it out https://www.roseonlinegame.com/.

Hope to see you there!

Event: Alpha Stress Test
Date: Aug 12 - Aug 14

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