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Just a Shout Out ^ ^

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I just wanted to take the time to give a shout out to the person(s) who set up some shops in Adventurer's Plains near the Training Village selling low level crafted things.  There's no way you're making any profit because mat prices are far too out of step for those sorts of things.  Profit-wise, it makes more sense to turn the mats into "NPC food" so this is a nice gesture on your part and I wanted to recognize it.


Early on, I had a shop set up and somebody took the time out of their gameplay to deride me for selling something they had no use for.  "Noob," they say.  No doubt you'll be getting people like that from time to time.  Many folks understand when you explain it but others just can't seem to grasp a different concept.


BTW I picked up a pair of hand grenades because it's been years since I used one.  They have the same quality level as Iron Shells for a launcher so I'm curious to see if they do comparable damage.  I don't know if ammo quality translates across the board, whether it be bullets, shells, arrows or bombs.

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