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Item Mall Update May 2024


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We have two events this month. The Ballroom Event runs until May15 and the Graduation Event is May 17 – May 31.  Of course, we have costumes that fit the themes of both of the automatic ingame events, but we also have some big news! This month we have 5 Faith costumes including the Priest Set! If you missed it when it was in the Item Mall in December, now is your chance to grab this iconic set.  


The items that will only be in the Item Mall for the current month or season are now on the FEATURED TAB. They will also be in their respective tabs (Specials > Seasonal for the event themed offerings and Equipment > Specials for the non-themed items). You can check to see what’s new each month as soon as you open the Item Mall Window (Alt + B).

NOTE: In all screenshots, the female model’s costumes are refined (1).

The Yellow Cocktail Dress and Noble Set have both returned this month so you can dance at the ball in style. The models both have the Yellow Rubber Boots equipped (Equipment > Masks) because this set does not have matching shoes.

yellow cocktail dress.jpg

Dazzle your teachers with the Charming School Look. For more ballroom and school sets, check in the spoiler below.

charming school.jpg



Shakespearean Set

Fancy in Red
fancy in red.jpg

White Formal
white formal.jpg

Black Formal
black formal.jpg

Perfect with any formal set is this lovely Parasol. Remember that recreational offhands can now be used with any shield or magic tool. The female’s Parasol has an Opalite Trilliant [13] to show gem placement.

Next up are the school sets. 
Roserian Uniform
rosarian uniform.jpg

Summer School Look
summer school look.jpg

Cute School Look
cute school.jpg

Blue Cute School Look
blue cute school.jpg

Sailor School Set
sailor school.jpg

School of Rock
school of rock.jpg

To help tune out your teachers, try one of these Headphones.
Blue Headphones
blue headphones.jpg

Purple Headphones
purple headphones.jpg

Teal Headphones
teal headphones.jpg

Complete your school look with one of these School Bookbags.
Black School Bookbag
black school bookbag.jpg

Blue School Bookbag
blue school bookbag.jpg

Green School Bookbag
green school bookbag.jpg

Red School Bookbag
red school bookbag.jpg

Yellow School Bookbag
yellow school bookbsag.jpg

As I mentioned last month, the springtime Allurer Wings are in the Item Mall again, along with the Butterfly Wings. 

Meadow Allurer Wings
meadow allurer.jpg

Ruby Butterfly Wings
ruby butterfly.jpg

Check in the spoiler to see the other colors of both of these beautiful wings.


Cherry Blossom Allurer Wings
cherry blossom allurer.jpg

Sapling Allurer Wings
sapling allurer.jpg

Sunshine Allurer Wings
sunshine allurer.jpg

Emerald Butterfly Wings
emerald butterfly.jpg

Crystal Butterfly Wings
sapphire butterfly.jpg

Monarch Butterfly Wings
monarch butterfly.jpg




This month we are also celebrating some unusual events with special costumes.
May 22 is World Goth Day, and we have two popular Faith items that fit this theme.
Gothic Lolita
gothic lolita.jpg

Gothic Punk
gothic punk.jpg

To see what else we're celebrating this month, plus some familiar favorites, check the spoiler below.


May 8 is Viking Day
Viking Set

May 22 is World Bee Day  What better way to celebrate than with the Queen Bibi Set.
queen bibi.jpg

Queen Bibi’s Staff is also in the Item Mall this month.  The female model's staff has a Citrine Marquis [13] to show gem placement
queen bibi staff.jpg

Can’t have bees without a Beekeeper Set, right?

Black Power Suit
black power suit.jpg

Pop Idol Blue
pop idol blue.jpg

Traditional Yellow Chinese
yellow chinese.jpg

Crazy Twenties
crazy twenties.jpg

Royal Deities
royal deities.jpg


In addition to the four seasonal Allurer Wings and the four Butterfly Wings,  this month we have some Astarot Wings in three sizes; a couple of Beta Mach Wings; Guardian Wings and more!
Shown here is the White Formal Set with Silver Seraph Wings and the Black Formal Set with Black Guardian Wings
whte formal and silver seraph and black formal with black guardian.jpg

For some other wing/costume possibilities, check in the spoiler below.


Beekeeper with Beta Mach Wings B42 and Astarot Wings of Diligence
bekeeper with beta mach b42 and astarot wings if dilligence.jpg

Black Power Suit with Mech Wings S-34 and Beta Mach Wings B-00
black power with mech s34 and beta mach b00.jpg

Blue Cute School with Brown Orpe Wings and  Cute School with Cherry Blossom Allurer Wings
bluecute with brown orpe and cuteschool with cherry blossom allurer.jpg

Pop Idol Blue with Crystal Butterfly Wings and Royal Deities with Cloud Wings
bluepop with crystal butterfly and cloud with deities.jpg

Crazy Twenties with Steadfast and Fancy in Red with Red Astarot Wings
crazytwenties with steadfast and fancyred with red astarot.jpg

Gothic Punk with Ruby Howling Wings and Gothic Lolita with Black Allurer Wings
gothic punk with red howling and gothic lolita with black allurer.jpg

Traditional Yellow Chinese with Astarot Wings of Corruption and Charming School with Red Guardian Wings
yellow chinese with astrot wings of corruption and charming school with red guardian.jpg

Sailor School with Staunch and School of Rock with Amber Howling
sailor school with staunch and schooolofrock with amber howling.jpg



-Item Mall storage is free (no zulie cost) and unlimited. When you place an item into this storage, the next storage page appears.  You will never run out of room for your Item Mall costumes. You can also place utility items like Shop Looks, Saturunes or Glow Painters into Item Mall storage.

-Preview is an easy way to see how costumes will look on your character.  Click on the Preview tab on the side of the Item Mall Window
preview 1.jpg

-Then click on any wearable item in the IM.  You can move freely between the tabs and create your own unique look.  The circular arrows on either side will turn your character around so you can see the back and sides as well as the front view. Press the “reset” button to remove items so you can start again fresh.
preview 2.jpg

-Refining Item Mall costumes does not cost zulie and your success is guaranteed but refine levels can NOT be removed.  So please take a moment to try on your costume after each refine level and make sure you are happy with the glow. 

Happy Shopping, Roserians! 🛍️

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