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1 hour ago, lobalty said:

im having problems with the game, i got disconnected frequently and the antivirus close the game because a malware. i fixed it, it blocked the game agian.

It's a false positive, caused by something we added in the patch the other day. Lazy explained it on Discord like this


Themida is an industry standard tool to protect executables. It does some fancy technical things like "pack" the executable and protects some areas to prevent cheaters from modifying the game for cheats. The tool by itself is entirely safe (not safe for sanity of cheaters). Unfortunately some anti-virus incorrectly detect it as a virus since some people who make viruses also use themida. If you are having issues with your anti-virus please add an exclusion for trose.exe, the steps for this will depend on your anti-virus software. 

Add trose.exe to the exception list of your firewall and antivirus program. We are in the process of fixing this so that it won't happen in the future

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