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Patch Notes - 2024-04-01 (Small fixes, OCF & Zatana announcement)


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Happy Easter all!


Today's update is a bit more minimal than what you might have expected. We are deploying some needed back-end changes and bundled in a few updates as well. This update is a bit more modest because the team is actively working on some larger and more ambitious projects! In the spirit of keeping our community in the loop, we're thrilled to offer a sneak peek into two major projects that have been capturing our team's passion and creativity for the past several weeks: "Age of Zatana" and "Orlo Clan Field". We've provided some details below but for those more interested in a behind-the-scenes look into the development process please take a look at our Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/rednimgames.


Client Security

The ROSE team takes game integrity very seriously and we are very active in moderating the game. Thanks to all our players who report suspected illegitimate behavior, we review each report regularly and take decisive action. We also regularly patrol various zones looking for players using more than 2 clients, automating gameplay and more. In this update we have added a new security layer to our game client that will help mitigate game abuse.


Element Icons


We have added an optional UI feature to see elements on equipment icons. This can be enabled/disabled from the options UI and is disabled by default.


NPC Distance


We have made a subtle change to NPCs to improve discoverability. All NPCs for a map will be visible from much further away allowing players to find NPCs and see quest indicators more easily. Our change also removes some hidden NPCs from appearing on the minimap.



Work In Progress: Age of Zatana



In our last update, we teased one of our new projects and today, we're excited to unveil further details! Age of Zatana is a new upcoming Orlo dungeon. Taking inspiration from community member Heatfist's original vision, we have started to craft a brand new map and dungeon experience.

In Age of Zatana players will have to fight through a multi-stage dungeon filled with challenging and dynamic content in order to combat the Queen of Reptiles (Zatana). Players will have to cooperate, specialize builds and complete challenging tasks in order to earn rare and valuable rewards. This will be a HARD and challenging dungeon that will push even the strongest to the limits!


After several weeks of work the base map and design is nearing completion. The team is actively working on the content for the dungeon and we are looking forward to continue sharing our progress in the coming weeks.


Coming Soon: Orlo Clan Field




We are happy to announce that we are working on a new clan field! Orlo Clan Fields is the focus of our next update and will include new and exciting content for players level 220-250. Orlo Clan Fields will be a high risk, high reward battlefield where only the strongest will survive. Clans will have to compete for access to rare bosses and to secure new loot and gear. Be prepared for epic battles as clans WAR for territorial space in this upcoming map!


Community Events

Community member Mona will be hosting a 10v10 tournament this week, for more details please check out the post here!


  • Gameplay
    • Updated Shield Bash (PvM) range from 3m to 4m
  • Fixes
    • Fixed no-exp status icon not appear after using Exp Nullifier consumable
    • Fixed UI scaling not saving between game sessions
  • Interface
    • Removed status icon from login screen
    • Added game option to display element on item icon
  • Misc
    • Enable clan commands to work in all chats (e.g. /clan invite)
    • Added new client security
    • Removed snow effects from Adventurer's Plains/Zant/Junon
  • Quest
    • Added Choosing your Own Fate to Quest Tracker


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