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Graphic Settings game Crash HELP


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Hello everyone, I'm having problems with the video settings. So far I have always played on fullscreen 3440x1440 (34" UWQHD monitor). It also worked wonderfully. Today I wanted to play in window mode and switched it down to 1920x1080. Until then everything was OK. Then I wanted to log in to my second account. There The game opened the image size to 1920x1080, but the game settings still said 3440x1440. Every attempt to change this resulted in the game crashing. I uninstalled the game and re-downloaded it. It then opened straight back up in the small window, but still with 3340x1440 in the game settings. I can change that for now. So on window, then back on fullscreen. But now it makes the window smaller again every time I want to TAB to another window or something similar. As soon as I somehow leave the image, it becomes smaller and I can't change anything again. Can someone please help me with this?

15 min later..

I tried again and it seemed like everything was great. I was able to change the settings and also tab out. However, when I tried to open another client I got another crash. The first client was still running. When I closed the first client (via exit game), I couldn't open it again. Now the game crashes when I try to start the client.

After restart my pc . that happens....

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Hello foxxy, you can reset your settings by navigating to `%APPDATA%/Rednim Games/ROSE Online/`. There will be a folder called `config/` which contains a `rose.toml`. Please delete these file to reset your settings.



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