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[Quest] Turak Quest


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The Turak Quest is located in Sikuku Ruins, from NPC [Ruins Curator] Hope.



Hope offers two versions of a quest (it is random which one you get). One quest will require to collect a bottle of water from the waterfall which can be found if you go straight down from the first bridge that leads to Hope. The other materials are Arachnid Sac’s and Warbiz powder. The only way to collect Arachnid Sac’s is to get them from Arachnids and Arachnids only. Devil Pest Arachnids DO NOT give any sac’s. So, hunting during the day time is the best way around that problem, otherwise you’ll have to kill the Arachnids before they transform into Devil Pests at night time. The same day time rule goes for the other version of the quest that requires a person to collect Red Moss/Fangs. After you finish collecting the items, go hand them in to Hope again.


Take Notice

There are a few things to take note of though once a player enters the dungeon.

You have 15 minutes to get to Turak.

After completing the first maze, there are two paths you can take; The bridge and another maze.


Which Way Do I Go?

The first maze is just a simple one-way-or-another maze. If there is a slightly different colored wall blocking your way to get to the next maze/bridge, then turn around and head to the other way of getting in. After getting past the first maze, you have a choice of taking the bridge or taking another maze. The bridge is tricky because it is not a simple one way ride, there are sections of the bridge that will make you fall through them. A way to get around this is to angle your camera above your character and zoom all the way out so you can see if the part of the bridge is transparent or not. The maze is a simple one way ride though, after a series of twists and turns, the maze will lead you straight to Turak.

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