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Increase Mage Debuff Cooldown

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Petition to increase cooldown of mages debuff skill, has a very short cooldown and have been just spamming debuffs. Every debuff skill should have high cooldown since this is very crucial part on pvps, should be used wisely and not be spammed to make it more challenging 🙂

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Compare to what it was like 10+ years ago, the degree of annoyance is greatly reduced already. Back then, when buff numbers were big and game was reliant on cleric buffs, you have a lot to lose if you were hammered by Mage's fierce cudgeling, plus a lot of buffs nowadays are "procs" whatever you call it, and those can't be debuffed.

Some classes are hard counter to some, some excel at head-on 1v1 and there is nothing you can do if you lose 100% of the time no matter what you do, you win some and you lose some across different situation, if you get debuffed in a war situation, that's onto you. And just because some classes usually can score on the top, it doesn't mean the class is overpowered, it just means the class have skill set, equipment and discipline allowing them to adapt well into the PvP game arena scoring system. I have only played about 10 CD and 10 AA after coming back to ROSE, and I'm not impressed at how PvP game arena is like overall, but I'm sure the developers are aware of the ranged meta, which makes champion's life miserable since they can't close the gap easily, but I will not hold my breath for classes balance any time soon as they said they are still working on drop table.

And regarding the call on nerfs on mages, I made a mage after around that time when the mana shield cast cool down was added, but I played mage for a long time in ROSE EVO. I'm aware people hate mages with a passion, and it is sinful to play mage something like that. But I feel like I should speak up before this class gets nerfed incorrectly again further in the future. And people need to actually play the class themselves first before saying anything. Not every mage build has a Fierce cudgeling with it, you don't have enough SP to learn everything. The mana shield cool down added has done tremendous amount of damage to mage in terms of survival in dungeons, makes them even more pointless to play and struggle.

I don't want to write too long as I have only played 20 PvP games myself, so I'm gonna be a hypocrit myself and say things without actually experiencing the stuff. Straight to the point, my novice mage consistently hovering around the bottom 20% on the scoreboard in terms of honor points, kill counts, total damage inflicted, every single game, but I'm damaging my enemies at all times with my ranged AOE, did not have any down time because I always get to keep the lowest death count for some reason. I even go all the way and unloaded 170m of zulies to get my SH (18) to (20), it didn't change anything, those mages on the top of the scoreboard are doing double or triple the amount of total damage inflicted consistently, they stole all the kills and I have 0 to 3 kills per war probably because kill count is damage based. So, what am I missing here? I'm going to take a wild guess it is the Luminous honor set, that makes the huge difference. What I'm trying to say is, the mage class as a whole is well balanced, and the skill tree is the most versatile among all classes in this game. If you just simply open your eye with some common sense, you can tell there is something wrong with the Luminous set in terms of scaling, so please do not ask for a mage class nerf, as any further nerf will just put more pressure on new players who do not have access to honor armors, yes this class has some cheesy skill move like Cold snap, Fierce Cudgeling, Voltage Jolt, but every other class have some cheesy stuff going on as well, so that's fair. Thing is, you always need to sacrifice something in order to have some other thing on the skill tree, you can't have all.






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Interesting it's almost always Mage's debuff that gets targeted for a nerf, and not the Knights shield slam.  Almost like it's not exactly the dispelling of buffs that's the crux of the annoyance, and hinges on the combination of factors. So, is the removal of dispelling of buffs going to resolve it? Probably not. We had a period of debuff meta in NA, and people just made buffing warbuilds that specialized in providing strong buffs, and survival in order to constantly maintenance the buffs.

In my opinion this is just a facet of any game with buffs providing a near permanent long-term impact to combat. You could fix it by having very powerful buffs, that are active cooldowns. So the need or impact of dispelling them isn't as detrimental to dispelling long duration medium to strong buffs. But, would that ever happen? Food for thought I guess.

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