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Leveling only crafting HP Pots


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  • I went through about 40m Zulie to get to lvl100 buying food/hp bottles
  • I have event gear with +25 con stat, makes this a little faster, less Fail
  • I am selling everything back to the NPC with my Bourg (140) that has Merchandising +5 (30% sales premium to npcs)
  • I skipped the cart quest at 50, skipped the luna quest at 70
  • Moved onto next craftable hp pot when I was at about 80% success rate to craft
  • I had to buy mats from next planets and bring back for leveling as the success rates were faster than the level requirements to move to next planets


  1. Level normally until level 10 - pump STR while leveling
  2. Choose Dealer as Job Class for +5 CON bonus
  3. Reset stats, put all into CON
  4. Learn Alchemy Craft, do not level past 1 as not needed yet
  5. If you have more than one Skill Point, learn Guided Focus (Party +Con)
  6. Craft Potions start with Health Vial (s)
  7. As you craft and level stop and put more Skill Points into Guided Focus (Party +Con)
  8. Always put new Stat points into CON
  9. Rebuff as you level the skill
  10. Once Max Guided Focus (Party +Con) start leveling Craftsman’s Talent
  11. Maxed out Guided Focus and Craftsmans Talent
  12. Start on Discount you will need it
  13. You can add another point into Alchemy Craft after
  14. Change pots when next pot craft is at 80% or better
  15. Start putting skill points into Focused Concentration (+CON)
  16. Grab a scroll and head to Junon at lvl 30
  17. Shoot for Alchemy Crafting 4
  18. To save Zulie you can drop down a hp pot crafting, it will just take longer
  19. Max on all the +CON skills now, Discount keep going as well
  20. Don’t forget to grab the CON accessories from Junon at lvl 50
  21. Backpack Mastery is another good skill to get up now
  22. Once Backpack and Discount are maxed go ahead and get Alchemy Craft 5
  23. Craft until you hit level 70, head to Luna
  24. Keep crafting hp pots when next one is at 80% success
  25. You will need a higher level to get Peaches from Eldeon, preferably with Discount
  26. At this point I was 40m Zulie into this and stopped at level 100 as it looks like it will take a lot more Zuile (I would guess about 200m+ and a LOT of time as the last pot is Red Potions and that comes next)


There was some discussion in the general discord chat a few weeks back about being able to level to 160 just crafting potions. I thought it would be fun to try and test this theory and gave it a shot. I had some Zulie available so I tried it over the last few days.

My assessment is that if you have a ton of Zulie and time to burn then it could be feasible, but with the last potion being Red Potions and the success rate probably very low without spending even more Zulie to gear up with max con stats I think one would be crazy to continue.

Time to get back to leveling my Visitor now... I don't need another long drawn out leveling experience past this.. HAHA

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On 2/8/2024 at 9:11 PM, Mek said:

I had to buy mats from next planets

I read this as "I had to buy mats from my parents". Cue interesting thought process involving a stern talking to from your father about fiscal responsibility, and a tearful mother wringing her hands. "He has to learn how to manage his zulie the hard way!"


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