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Patch Notes - 2024-01-30 (Game Arena Updates)


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Happy Tuesday everyone!


The team is back from the holidays and gearing up for an exciting year! Today we're releasing a patch with a focus on improving the game arena experience.


Game Arena - Energy/Queues/Balance


We've made a core change to the game arena experience this patch by removing the game energy requirements for all games. This has been a long standing point of frustration for players and we agree! You should be able to play the games you want to, when you want to and as much as you want and there should be no penalty for having a bad match or being kicked out of a group.

We've also made a core change to how the queue system works behind the scenes. Previously, it would be possible for a game not to start despite having enough people in the queue under certain circumstances. Now games will start faster and more reliably reducing the wait time for everyone playing game arenas!

Finally, we've updated the queue system to automatically balance teams by class! For example, if the follow players queue for the game:

  • 8x raider
  • 3x cleric
  • 3x bourg
  • 1x artisan
  • 5x mage

When the game starts the teams will look like something like this:

  • Team 1: 
    • 4x raider
    • 2x cleric
    • 2x bourg
    • 2x mage
  • Team 2
    • 4x raider
    • 1x cleric
    • 1x bourg
    • 3x mage
    • 1x artisan



We've updated duels so that skill and consumable cooldowns now reset in between rounds. If a character has a skill with a long cooldown and uses it towards the end of a duel round it can be a rather big disadvantage for the same skill to be still on cooldown at the start of the next round! We also increase the list of items that are disabled when the "no potions" option is selected, previously there were some event foods that were still usable despite this option being selected.


Orlo Mounts


We've added 2 new mounts to the game that are exclusive to Orlo! We leave the mystery of what these mounts are and who drops them up to you to discover!



  • Duel
    • Added more consumables to restriction list for duels
    • Reset skill and consumable cooldowns between duel rounds
  • Game Arena
    • Removed game arena energy, all games are now free
    • Added class balance to queue system
    • Improved queue system logic to greatly reduce games from not starting
  • Game
    • Added 2 new mount drops to Orlo
  • Items
    • Added bold stats to 4 Leaf Clover
    • Added bold stats to Heart Frame Glasses
    • Removed Valor to Energy item from game arena shops
    • Removed Honor to Energy item from game arena shops
    • Added gem glow on heart-shaped gloves
    • Added gem glow on heart shield
    • Updated the following items to event grade:
      • Green Snowmobile Frame
      • Green Snowmobile Event
      • Green Snowmobile Wheels
      • Biathlon Rifle
      • Wonder Egg
    • Maps:
      • Sikuku Ruins: Fixed a bug where party members become enemies after finishing the Turak Maze Quest
    • Quest:
      • Added "The Mark of Turak" quests to the quest tracker
      • Added "Pumpkin Round" quest to the quest tracker
      • Fixed "Jellybean Round" quest in the quest tracker to the correct type
    • Misc
      • Improved behavior of window focus logic to address issue with chat box losing focus
      • Disabled TCP delay on network connections for improved performance
      • Improved French translations in multiple areas
      • Fixed dialog errors related to the winter event





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