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New Year, New Insights: Access Our 2022 Behind-the-Scenes Posts!


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Hello all!


For those who may not be aware, Rednim Games operates a Ko-Fi page where we share 'behind-the-scenes' content related to the development of the ROSE Online game. We initially launched our Ko-Fi page before the game's official release to allow our early fans to support us and engage in the development process from an early stage. Even after the game's launch into Early Access, we decided to continue this tradition, maintaining our Ko-Fi page as a way for those interested to take a sneak peek behind the scenes.


It's important to note that Ko-Fi supporters do not receive any in-game advantages, but they do gain access to regular, more technically focused posts about the game's development. Additionally, they enjoy access to a special channel on our Discord server.


In celebration of the new year, we have made all our 2022 Ko-Fi posts accessible to everyone! If you're interested in viewing these posts or becoming a supporter, please visit our page at https://ko-fi.com/rednimgames/. Below is a list of all the posts now available for everyone to enjoy!



Additionally, we recently published a new model reference kit on the forum! If you're interested in making ROSE 3D models, 3D mods or even potentially getting your own items added into the game then check out the post here https://forum.roseonlinegame.com/topic/5780-rose-online-model-reference-kit/!


Thank you to all our supporters and a Happy New Year from the team!


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