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Survival tips?


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I personally do a mix of the skill that increases HP REGEN, and then buying accessories with HP regen

first set is +2 ring, +2 earring, +2 necklace, and then the set gives an extra bonus of +1, 7hp regen total

level 75 accessories cost about 170k (slightly less) and gives you +8 each piece and the set gives +4, so its +28 regen total. at least that's how I play my soldier. and then I use sword/shield because that's what I wanted to play. so that's that.....

you can also try to pay someone to craft you cloths. I happen to have a crafter for my own purposes. and I make myself HP regen gear. My current armor set on my "to be" bourgeois , is +3 hp regen per piece (helm, armor, gloves, boots) and then the set gives +3 twice for a whopping total of +18 regen. at the moment my base rate on my dealer is 12 and then with all my gear i have +50. i barely ever have to heal when fighting. its there for when i get attacked by more than 1 mob at a time.... so its basically easy mode.

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