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Patch Notes - 2023-12-01


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Hello all!

Today's patch brings a mix of changes with a focus on PvM. We have made some wide sweeping changes to the drop tables. Additionally this patch marks the release of our beta client as our official client. The legacy client will still be available for an indeterminate amount of time.

NOTE: The main client is now called `trose.exe` while the legacy client is called `trose-legacy.exe`

Drop change galore!

  • Removed all "liquid" drops from mobs and valor shop and added as a standard material at NPC shop
  • Removed Little Angel Feathers, Little Devil Feathers, Dragon Scales and Frozen Scales from most mob drop tables and removed them from the Valor Shop
  • Reworked Orlo bosses drop tables
  • Increased gem 13 drop rate on all bosses


For this patch we did a massive audit of the drop tables. In the past, drop tables were standardized so that certain materials dropped from all monsters across all planets or were available from the Valor NPC. This system is not conducive to farming, whether it's because your inventory gets full of "junk" or whether it's because areas no longer have a specific value to farm. We started to reverse this effect in previous patches with changes to accessories and orbs and are continuing our efforts with other materials.


Quality of Life

  • Multiple sound improvements
  • Added resurrection auto accept option
  • Changed shortcut for Character UI to right click
  • Increased Maximum clicking distance
  • Fixed Notification flashing


This update includes several quality of life enhancements. Firstly, we improved the sound system so that more sounds can be played simultaneously. We also removed a restriction that sounds could only be heard from your current sector.  This made for some weird transitions when switching sectors. We changed how the Character UI works, instead of pressing a combination of keys (e.g. alt + left click) you can simply right click your target now (this can be disabled in the Options Menu). The distance where you can click and trigger a move was dramatically increased so you can move with ease! Finally, we fixed a bug in the notification code that would sometimes cause the client to stop flashing on notifications for events like Game Arena starting, trade requests, etc.


Minor skill changes


  • Fixed Physical Training
  • Fixed some skill descriptions

The team has begun an audit of all the skills in the game. As a result we fixed the soldier passive "Physical Training" which was not correctly giving +10% max HP. Additionally we've updated the descriptions on a few skills to clarify their effects and make them less confusing. The team is continuing to look at the skills so stay tuned for more changes in future patches.


Super worm dragon

  • Spawns in one of 8 random locations
  • Is now larger and more fearsome!


The super worm dragon was updated to be more dynamic. Now when he is summoned he will spawn randomly in one of 8 locations in Gorge of Silence. We also increased his size and gave him a glow effect so he is more easily distinguished from his weaker cousins. Finally, Med will announce his arrival once he does spawn into the world!



  • Beta Client
    • Beta client is now the default client, the Legacy client will still be available as trose-legacy.exe for some time.
  • Misc:
    • Fixed bug where the game client would not always flash notifications.
    • Improved zone sounds so players can now hear sounds from beyond the current "chunk" they are on.
    • Increased the number of ambient zone sounds of the same kind that can be played simultaneously.
    • Increased the maximum distance a player can click to move their character.
    • Improved some Portuguese translations.
    • Changed character menu from alt+left click to right click
  • Interface:
    • Added a new option to disable the character interface (right click on player)
    • Added a new option to automatically enable Resurrection.
  • Item:
    • Renamed Berserk Skill Book to Enraged Berserk Skill Book (this book teaches you the Enraged Berserk Skill).
  • Skills:
    • Soldier: Fixed Physical Training not giving +10% Max HP.
    • Raider: Updated Shattering Blows description to specify that only base defense is reduced.
    • Raider: Updated Raider's Accordance description to specify that an additional stack is only earned when you would normally get 1 (i.e. instead of getting 1 stick you will get 2). The maximum amount of stacks is still 10.
    • All: Fixed Rested stacks showing incorrect Sleep Resistance (previously was 20% for all stacks, now 20/40/60/80)
  • Game:
    • Removed Ink from all mobs
    • Removed Distilled Water from all mobs
    • Removed Oil from all mobs
    • Removed Rubber Sap from all mobs
    • Removed Glue from all mobs
    • Removed Alcohol from all mobs
    • Removed Dyes from all mobs
    • Removed "Liquids" tab in Valor shop
    • Added Ink, Oil, Rubber Sap, Glue, Dyes, Alcohol to Material NPC's
    • Removed Little Angel Feather from Valor shop
    • Removed Little Devil Feather from Valor shop
    • Removed Dragon Scales from Valor shop
    • Removed Frozen Scales from Valor shop
    • Removed Little Angel Feather from MOST mobs
    • Removed Little Devil Feather from MOST mobs
    • Added Dragon Scale back to Worm Dragon mobs
    • Increased Gem 13 drop rate on ALL Orlo Bosses
    • Reworked Orlo Kings drop tables
    • Updated super worm dragon to spawn randomly in one of 8 locations
    • Updated NPC med to make an announcement when the super worm dragon has spawned



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