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Best Leveling Areas/Quests Chart?


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I played this game many many years ago and I’ve recently started playing again casually with my kids. 

After hours of grinding with no buffs and teaching them the basics, we’ve only made it to level 30. 

We’ve been particularly disappointed with some of the questing that we’ve done till now that has had us doing lots of slow walking between maps and boring NPC conversations, so my question is:

Is there any maps, charts, or lists that lay out the best places for some casual players to grind/quest at for some decently paced leveling?

Looking for something that will provide details further than just our current level. 😁


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Welcome back!   All four job classes have buffs and those are shared when you're in a party.  We have free stat and skill resets now. Open the skill window then click on the Item Mall tab,  Those three skills with a red X on them are the resets. If you did not add points to your buffs, you can easily do that at any time.

Normally I recommend following the quests. They not only move you through each map, but often reward with useful items like armor or weapons. You're already past level for the first ones but if you're in Zant, talk to Lena near the entrance from Luxem. She has one quest to kill hornets and once you finish that, she should give you a quest called "Welcome to Zant".  That quest is a lot of talking to various NPC's but the reward is a job class specific weapon.

If you're already past Zant, there are quests in Breezy Hills.  The first NPC you see when you enter Breezy has some and the NPC's in that little town across the bridge also have some. In El Verloon there is a questline that will eventually take you into Anima Lake and that series of quests will reward you with a job class specific, level 40 armor set with experience boosts. 

This is a list of most of the quests in the game, if you want to look ahead.  Repeatable quests are a good way to earn extra  experience while you're already fighting the same monsters.  Feel free to message me here or on Discord if you have questions about any of the quests.  


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