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Patch Notes - 2023-11-07 (Salamanders & Sound)


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Hello ROSE Community,


We're happy to share today's patch with some interesting changes to drops, a temporary test of PvP meta changes around Salamander/Mana Flames, a new sound engine for the beta client and a big quality of life improvement for Fossil Sanctuary and other Orlo maps!


Orlo Tree Camera Collision

  • Remove collision from tree canopies in Orlo

A few Orlo maps, and in particular Fossil Sanctuary, are quite forested with a good amount of trees. These trees have low canopies which previously would cause camera collisions when moving around the map or panning the camera. We have modified all the trees so that the camera will no longer interfere with the canopies! Below is a demonstration of the new behavior on the left and the old behavior on the right.


Beta Client Enhancements

  • Fixed several crashes
  • Fixed memory leaks causing the "black" rendering issues
  • Reduced minimum requirements from Direct3D 11 to Direct3D 10.1 (~15 years old, Windows Vista compatible hardware)

Thanks to all our players who have been providing us with crash dumps. We were able to analyze many of them and resolve several of the most common issues. The new beta client should be more stable and reliable for all players now. Additionally, we investigated and isolated the infamous memory leak in the game that would cause the client to continuously consume more resources over time. In the old client, this would result in the game eventually locking up and crashing but the new client would instead fail to render anything and display strange black artifacts. Finally, we have lowered the minimum hardware requirements from a GPU compatible with Direct3D 11 to Direct3D 10.1. This means older hardware released around the Windows Vista era (~15 years old) should be better supported in the new client. We are currently investigating the feasibility of supporting even older hardware through Direct3D 9, however due to some of the newer rendering techniques we may drop this effort.


New Sound Engine + Sound Options


  • Beta client sound engine was replaced with a new, higher quality industry standard sound engine (fmod)
  • More sounds can now be played simultaneously and blended together
  • Sound effects will no longer play when all sounds are muted (RIP Whoopie screams)
  • Sounds are now positional in 3D space, i.e. closer sounds will be louder than farther sounds
  • New sound options added to options menu for fine grained control of sounds including a new option to hear other player's footsteps

We have upgraded the beta client's sound engine to use a new, higher quality industry standard engine. The effect is immediately noticeable in game as the old sound engine had many limitations such as being unable to mix multiple sound sources (i.e. only one sound would play at a time), played some sound effects even when fully muted, did not utilize positional sound effects and more.

With the new sound system, audio sources will be played based on their spatial location in the zone. For example a closer sound to the character will be louder than one farther away. A sound you can see on screen will come from the front while those off screen will appear to the side or to the back. Additionally, with the new sound system multiple sound effects can be played simultaneously and will seamlessly blend to make a much more immersive in game experience! The new sound system also brings in some advanced features like the Doppler Effect, which occurs when moving quickly past a sound source. See this demonstration of the new sounds and take note of the waterfall & windmill sound effects! The video does not do it justice and we recommend trying it for yourselves.


Additionally with the new sound system, we took the opportunity to improve the options around sound to allow more fine grained control. Music volume, effects volume, footsteps volume, vehicle volume, NPC volume, environment volume and UI volume can now all be controlled independently. We also introduced a new option to hear other player's footsteps!



We highly recommend visiting Breezy Hills and other zones to explore the new soundscapes!


Glistening Orbs + Unique Drops + Mystic Charm/Protective Amulet

  • Reworked Glistening Orb drops to spread different colors across different mobs
  • Small orbs now have a blue name and large orbs have a purple name
  • Mystic Charms and Protective Amulets removed from drop tables
  • Unique drops at endgame have been balanced and adjusted on some mobs


Glistening Orbs are vital to crafting higher grade gems but previously were difficult and annoying to acquire. We have completely revamped how these drop and from which mobs. Different mobs over Orlo will now drop a specific size and color orb. Players will now need to farm specific areas to acquire the specific orb they desire! Additionally, we clarified the importance of these items by changing the the color of the name. Small orbs now have a blue name and large orbs have a purple name.


Mystic Charms and Protective Amulets are refining materials that are currently unused. Originally these were designed to refine unique back items and other non-weapon uniques but currently there are none in the game! We have removed these for now as they occupy space in rare drop categories while not being useful. In the future if we introduce non-weapon uniques then we will consider re-introducing these item drops.

Finally, we balanced the drop tables of high level uniques to be more consistent in their drop categories and more standardized across the mobs that drop them.


PvP - Salamander/Mana Flames Disabled (Temporary)

  • Salamander and Mana Flames have been temporarily disabled in all PvP zones

We have temporarily disabled the Salamander and Mana Flames cleric skills in PvP zones. This is a temporary change for the team to observe the effect on PvP. We have consistently received feedback about the negative impact of Salamanders on PvP with some players advocating entirely removing them. The team is planning some class balancing changes for the next patch, we will take into account input from players to inform those upcoming changes (e.g. balancing cleric heals vs. flames, etc.) so please share with us any feedback regarding your experience PvPing without salamander/mana flames!



New Character Dialog

  • Added new character interaction dialog that can be opened by CTRL + Right Clicking another player

Currently it is quite tedious to interact with other players for things like trading, dueling, etc. We have added a new character dialog with shortcuts to these functions that should make it a lot easier to interact with other players! Simply hold CTRL and Right Click the character you would like to interact with!





  • Beta Client
    • Fixed several memory leaks which were causing resource exhaustion and the "black" rendering issues after extended playtime
    • Migrated to a new sound engine and added more sound options to options window
    • Fixed several crashes
    • Reduced minimum Direct3D compatibility from 11 to 10.1 to support older hardware (~15 years old)
  • Misc
    • Enabled auto skill-reset system which will force reset characters with invalid skill points from the skill rollback several months ago
    • Enabled dueling when queued for game arena, the duel will automatically draw if the game arena begins
    • Fixed several issues with Mairath's dialogs and quests
  • Game
    • Temporarily disabled Salamander and Mana Flames in PvP zones
    • Removed camera collision from tree tops of most trees in Orlo
    • Reworked Glistening Orb drops and updated the color of the item name
    • Adjusted drop tables of end game uniques
    • Removed Protective Amulets and Mystic Charms from drop tables
    • Increased the server side view distance for all PvP maps
    • Increased drop rates of level 200 accessories
  • Items
    • Updated gem effect position for several of the Dark Oblivion weapons
  • UI
    • Added a new character dialog window that can be activated by Ctrl + Right Click on another player
    • Fixed incorrect messages stating that an item could be lost when failing to refine
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