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Item Mall Update November 2023


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Only one event this month and it starts on November 13th.  We have some fall costumes to fit the Thanksgiving theme but first, big news! The day that old NA players have been waiting for is finally here- The Priest Robe and Hat are in the Item Mal!! The iconic Faith set will only be available for this month. 
priest set.jpg

As mentioned in the October Item Mall Update, the items that will only be in the Item Mall for the current month are now on the Featured Tab. They will also be in their respective tabs (Specials > Seasonal for the event themed offerings and Equipment > Specials for the non-themed items). Now you can just check to see what’s new each month as soon as you open the Item Mall Window (Alt + B) 

In addition to Thanksgiving, we are also celebrating a few lesser-known holidays with an assortment of very different costumes. 
Healthcare Worker Day is in June, but those wonderful people deserve to be honored every day and what better way to do that than with the Nurse Set.  
nurse set.jpg

Fall brings cooler weather to many regions and our four autumn-themed costumes  and wings give that cozy vibe. 

World Magic Day was Oct 31st, but we’re celebrating it this month with the Magician Set in red or purple.

World Sleep Day (which should be every day in my opinion) was/is in March, but we have some costume pieces this month that guarantee sweet dreams.

November 21st is World Fisheries Day. This day highlights the importance of keeping our oceans clean and healthy.  We’re celebrating fish in ROSE with our Aqua Sets.

Check in the spoilers below for a look at these unique costumes.


The Autumn Blossom Set  includes a scarf for those crisp, fall days.
autumn blossom.jpg

Another autumn-themed look is the Fallin Luv Set.
fallin luv.jpg

Comfy Buns Set is perfect for a walk in the park.
comfy buns.jpg

Vintage Autumn is a different take on fall with it's pink and blue colors.
vintage autumn.jpg

Your fall wardrobe won't be complete without a pair of Autumn Wings. NOTE: both models are wearing the Black Uniform, which is always available in Equipment > Body.
Ruby Autumn Wings
ruby autumn wings.jpg

Emerald Autumn Wings

emerald autumn wings.jpg

Sapphire Autumn Wings
sapphire autumn wings.jpg


This month's magical offering- The Magician Set (shown here in purple).
purple magician.jpg

Celebrate fish day in style with the Blue Aqua Set

Or impress your friends with this Aqua King Set.
aqua king.jpg

This Aqua Fins Hat fits any occasion.
aqua fin hat.jpg


Good dreams are guaranteed if you're wearing a Sleeping Cap.  Shown here are the Black Sleeping Cap on the male model and the Pink Sleeping Cap on the female model.  Check the spoiler below for other colors and a special sleep-themed costume.
sleeping cap black and pink.jpg



Blue Sleeping Cap on the male and White Sleeping Cap on the female.
sleeping cap blue and white.jpg

Green Sleeping Cap on the male and Orange Sleeping Cap on the female.
sleeping cap green and orange.jpg

You will have no problem falling asleep in the Sleeping Cloud Set. Don't forget your cloud backpack!
sleeping cloud.jpg

If a cloud is not your preferred back item, try one of these unique back shields instead
Celestial Adornment
celetial adornment.jpg

Astral Scythe
astral scythe.jpg



This month, our non-event themed sets include different colors of favorites like the Samurai and Power Suit.  Check out what else is available in the spoiler below.
Blue Samurai Set
blue samuari.jpg

Green Power Suit
green power suit.jpg



This month we have the Traditional Chinese Set.
traditional chinese.jpg

Perfect for your martial arts lesson, the Yellow Karate Set.
yellow karate.jpg

Eclipse Set is available in black or blue.  Black is shown here
black eclipse.jpg

For all of those secret ant lovers- the Pomic Set.


Sunshine Moonlight Set
sunshine moonlight.jpg


Star Seeker Set
star seeker.jpg


This month's wing rotation selection includes three wings that have not been in the Item Mall before.  They fit into the sleep theme imo.
Cloud Wings
cloud wings.jpg

Take a look in the spoiler below to see the other two new wings as well as some wings that are returning this month.


Magora Wings
magora wings.jpg

Selenia Wings
selenia wings.jpg

On the male, Astarot Wings of Humility with Yellow Karate.
On the female, Amber Howling Wings with Traditional Chinese.
astarot wings of humility and amber howling.jpg

On the male, Beta Mach B-12 Wings with Green Power Suit.
On the female, Beta Mach G-42 with Green Power Suit.
betamachb12 and g42.jpg

On the male, Blue Angelic Wings with Vintage Autumn.
On the female, Pink Guardian Wings with Vintage Autumn.
blue angelic and pink guardian.jpg

On the male, Silver Seraph Wings with Fallin Luv.
On the female, Bronze Seraph Wings with Comfy Buns.
fallinluv and comfy buns.jpg

On the male, Astarot Wings of Diligence with Star Seeker.
On the female, Astarot Wings of the Undaunted with Sunshine Moonlight.
dilligence and undaunted.jpg

Remember, we have a basic selection of wings and other back items in EQUIPMENT > BACK. 


-Item Mall storage is free (no zulie cost) and unlimited. When you place an item into this storage, the next storage page appears.  You will never run out of room for your Item Mall costumes. You can also place utility items like Shop Looks, Saturunes or Glow Painters into Item Mall storage.

-Preview is an easy way to see how costumes will look on your character.  Click on the Preview tab on the side of the Item Mall Window
preview 1.jpg

-Then click on any wearable item in the IM.  You can move freely between the tabs and create your own unique look.  The circular arrows on either side will turn your character around so you can see the back and sides as well as the front view. Press the “reset” button to remove items so you can start again fresh
preview 2.jpg

-Refining Item Mall costumes does not cost zulie and your success is guaranteed but refine levels can NOT be removed.  So please take a moment to try on your costume after each refine level and make sure you are happy with the glow. 

Happy Shopping, Roserians! 🛍️

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