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Item Mall Update October 2023


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Only one event this month but it’s a fun one- Halloween! We have a LOT of costumes that fit into the Halloween theme and a big change in the Item Mall that you will notice right away.  Starting this month, and from now on, the items that will only be in the Item Mall for the current month are now on the Featured Tab. They will also be in their respective tabs (Specials > Seasonal for the event themed offerings and Equipment > Specials for the non-themed items). Now you can just check to see what’s new each month as soon as you open the Item Mall Window (Alt + B)
new im window.jpg

The first five boxed costume sets in the Featured Tab are special sets that can be used during the upcoming Halloween event. Wearing one of these five sets as equipment (not costumes) will open a special event quest and the reward is an offhand that goes with the costume! More information will be in the Halloween Event guide when the event begins on October 13th  Events

Fable Set (Little Red Riding Hood)

Fairy Tale Set (Snow White)
fairy tale.jpg

Love Story (Beauty and the Beast)
love story.jpg

Storybook (Peter Pan)

Tea Party (Alice in Wonderland)
tea party.jpg

There are several other Halloween-themed sets this month plus assorted fun items with that spooky feeling.  Check the spoilers below for a few examples.


Scare your friends with this spooky Candle Ghost Set.  Note that the shoes in this set will make your character’s feet look like they have disappeared.
candle ghost.jpg

When you’re feeling a bit “naughty” Devil Set.

Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein maybe? 

Sink your teeth into the Vampire Set

An old favorite at NA, the Wicked Set

If you're both naughty and innocent,  The Angelic Demon Set will convey that clearly.
angelic demon.jpg

Another contest winner from the old official server, Pumpkin Knight
pumpkin knight.jpg

Those crows don't stand a chance when they see this Spooky Scarecrow Set
spooky scarecrow.jpg

Everyone needs a cute pair of Pumpkin Wings
pumpkin wings.jpg

To help overcome arachnophobia, try this Spiderhug Back item.

This month we have an assortment of Coffins of the Undead 
Coffin of the Undead and Violet Coffin of the Undead
coffin of the undead and violet.jpg

Green and Blue Coffins of the Undead.
green coffin of the undead and blue.jpg

Red and Orange Coffins of the Undead.
red coffin of the undeaad and oange.jpg

White Coffin of the Undead and Coffin of the Vampiric
white coffin of the undead and vampiric coffin.jpg



In addition to costumes and back items, we have a few other Halloween related items like this bloody Chainsaw Two-Handed Sword costume weapon.  Check in the spoiler for some less gory themed items.



Halloween is all about masks, These might be just what you need to complete your Halloween look.
Devil Mask
devil mask.jpg

Frankenstein Mask
frankenstein mask.jpg

Skeleton Mask
skeleton mask.jpg

Voodoo Mask
voodoo mask.jpg

Witch Nose and Chin     You can also buy these individually if you only want the nose or only want the chin.
witch nose and chin.jpg

Dress up your shop with these special Shop Look Coupons. Remember, when you activate a custom shop look, the coupon will be consumed and the timer starts ticking down.  Custom shop looks last for 10 days from when you activate them.  Each time you log in, you will see a message like this, telling you when your shop look will expire.

Tombstone is on the left and Gravestone is on the right.
tombstone and graveyard.jpg

Next in the FEATURED TAB are the non-event themed costumes. You'll also find these items in EQUIPMENT > SPECIALS

Players from NA will probably recognize these hats- White Plaid Trilby Fedora and White Trilby Fedora.  They not only make you look cool, but they also fit every hairstyle (no more porcupine spines sticking out ). 
white trillby and white plaid trillby.jpg

This month we have the Traditional Chinese Set in pink and both the Karate Set and the Ronin Set in colors we have not had in the IM yet this year.  More non-event costumes will be found in the spoiler below.


The Ethereal Deceiver Set has a definite circus feel.
ethereal deceiver.jpg

Honor some real life heroes with the Firefighter Set. 

This year, Boss's Day is Oct. 16. What better way to celebrate than in the adorable Penguin Set .   Love ya, @lazypenguin❤️

Oct. 23 is Mole Day. The scientific community celebrates this day to create interest in the study of Chemistry, but in ROSE, we have a better reason- our beloved Moldies!

Moldie Set
moldie cute.jpg

Moldie Set number 2

Manager Moldie Set
manager moldie.jpg

And complete your Moldie inspired look with the Moldie Backpack
moldie backpack.jpg


There is also an assortment of wings in the FEATURED TAB this month.  You’ll find them on pages 10, 11 and 12.  
On the male, Tea Party with Purple Astarot Wings. On the female, Frankenstein with Green Astarot Wings.  Take a look in this spoiler for a few more possible combinations.
purple and green astarot.jpg


On the male, Mummy Set with Gold Seraph Wings. On the female, Black Widow with Amethyst Howling Wings.
gold seraph and amethyst howling.jpg

On the male, Pumpkin Knight with Mech Wings D-41. On the female, Spooky Scarecrow with Beta Mach B-89 Wings.
mech and beta mach.jpg

On the male, Black Ronin with Astarot Wings of Rage.  On the female, Fairy Tale with Golden Pixie Wings. 
rage and golden pixie.jpg

On the male, Werewolf with Steadfast Wings. On the female, Devil with Hardcore Wings.
steadfast and hardcore.jpg

This is where you’ll find the basic selection of back items. These items will always be available. We’ve added all three sizes of our White and Black Seraph Wings and all three sizes of the White, Black and Silver Astarot Wings.  Wings that are available for this month only can be found in the FEATURED TAB.
Look in the spoiler below to see the comparison of the three sizes of the wings mentioned above.
-All models are wearing the Red Uniform. It can be found in EQUIPMENT > BODY
-The female's wings are all refined (1)


Angelic Wings and Wings of Twilight will now be in the Item Mall every month, The other colors of the Angelic Wings will be rotated in and will be in the Featured Tab.

angelic and twilight.jpg

Seraph Wings

From left to right- Mini Seraph, Seraph, Big Seraph


Black Seraph Wings

From left to right- Mini Black Seraph, Black Seraph, Big Black Seraph
black seraph.jpg


White Astarot Wings

From left to right- Mini White Astarot,  White Astarot, Big White Astarot
white astarot.jpg

Silver Astarot Wings

From left to right- Mini Silver Astarot,  Silver Astarot, Big Silver Astarot

silver astarot.jpg

Black Astarot Wings
From left to right- Mini Black Astarot,  Black Astarot, Big Black Astarot
black astarot.jpg




-Item Mall storage is free (no zulie cost) and unlimited. When you place an item into this storage, the next storage page appears.  You will never run out of room for your Item Mall costumes. You can also place utility items like Shop Looks, Saturunes or Glow Painters into Item Mall storage.

-Preview is an easy way to see how costumes will look on your character.  Click on the Preview tab on the side of the Item Mall Window. 
preview 1.jpg


-Then click on any wearable item in the IM.  You can move freely between the tabs and create your own unique look.  The circular arrows on either side will turn your character around so you can see the back and sides as well as the front view. Press the “reset” button to remove items so you can start again fresh
preview 2.jpg

-Refining Item Mall costumes does not cost zulie and your success is guaranteed but refine levels can NOT be removed.  So please take a moment to try on your costume after each refine level and make sure you are happy with the glow. 

Happy Shopping, Roserians! 🛍️

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