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Monetization strategy to make the Rose relaunch as successful as possible


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There are some interesting conversations on Discord about free to play vs subscription based Rose. I believe there's a model that works for everyone which has already been proven successful by games like Fortnite.

  • The game is free to play, accessible to anyone, anywhere.
  • The item mall is purely cosmetics and emotes, nothing P2W or nothing that gives you an advantage over others.
  • A season pass gives people access to fun quest lines and challenges. This content gets updated every season. Nothing that gives an unfair advantage, just fun things to do on the side. Rewards could be cosmetics or seasonal credit to buy cosmetics exclusive to season pass holders.
  • A subscription model for those willing to support the game. This could be a reworked version of premium accounts without any P2W aspect. Monthly rewards could include IM credit and free access to the seasonal pass.

I feel like this encourages a large f2p fanbase who can spend money in the IM, while also giving the hardcore Rose fans a way to support Rednim through a monthly subscription. People who don't want to spend monthly amounts but still want more than just the occassional IM purchase can go for a season pass.

No pay to win, lots of accessibility to different target groups and enough revenue flows to hopefully allow Rednim to grow and introduce more content like new planets.

Any thoughts on this?

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Thinking of what "cosmetic rewards" could mean, and this is just me brainstorming out loud: outfits, emotes, dances, mounts(?!). A winter season pass holder could get an exclusive Yeti mount and Eskimo outfit for example by completing a series of quests. Perhaps the questline for the winter season pass will focus on Luna, while of course also having some content available on Junon for new players who haven't reached Luna yet, and other planets for people who want more of a challenge. Things like that.

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I love this idea! One thing to keep in mind, however, is Fortnite is a huge game with a massive development team. Rednim I think only has a team of 6-10? I forget.. and only like 3 of them are full time. What you’re suggesting will require a way bigger dedicated team. Who knows, maybe they’ll be able to grow because of ROSE. Only time will tell. 

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