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Did I start too late?


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Hello everyone I am loving the game so far but here are few frustrations of mine.

Did I start too late? All gear I see are for 200 level + and I am having hard time already making means to an end.

I'm having very hard time leveling as only gear I was able to get was from mr vendor in the ice place

I cannot socket gems to gear to be able to survive a bit better as the gems being sold are for high level people for millions of zulie.

Is there a solid money making method low level person can do so I can afford gems for sockets, or am I supposed to be able to survive with vendor gear until the 200 level? 

Sometimes I see 70-110 gear being sold, but it is for 5-10mil+. Am I doing something wrong not having that amount of zulie at my level (103). Im trying to run shop overnight and during the day to sell my etc drops, but nobody is willing to buy Animal Tail Fur or Broken Metal Fragments. Dirty spiritual stones have been good 26k a piece, but they arent very reliable drop... 😞

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Hey there 🙂

Levelling your first character can be quite a challenge now with how the levelling process is right now. You don't really need the best of gear or gems in the gear in order to level due to levelling in a party being your best option.

If you need any help with anything feel free to add me Aryn/Cinder/Nemca (on one of those characters I am usually online on)

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