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Help Needed ASAP - Won't allow me to create character - Says name invalid but name is correct


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Help needed; it won't allow me to create a character it comes up with error message 'Character name must be between 4-20 characters and use letters only (A-Z) and numbers (0-9) - i have followed this rule and tried many different combinations of names but this keeps happening; please can you help ASAP as i want to get back into Rose; i used to play it 20 years ago.






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Hello, do you have any other language packs installed on your PC? We've had this issue with a few people but we haven't been able to reproduce it yet so any details you can provide will help us greatly!

- What version of Windows are you on? Please share the build number from "System Information" tool

- Do you have any other language keyboards installed on your machine?

- What is the default language of your Windows installation?


Thanks for your help

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