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Champ or Knight


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I'm unsure what to choose. Till now (level 100) I leveled as a champion. But since you cannot change your second job after you've chosen, i'm in doubt what to choose.

What are some benefits/weaknesses of them.

Does Knight do enough dmg of is the gap not that big?


I level with a hawker (lvl 100 raider to be), but can also pair it with a muse or dealer, which are both 70-80ish. 


Just not sure what to do.

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I would say both have advantages. Champs have several aoe's which might make leveling a bit faster but knights are pretty good tanks. Have you tried using any of the swords just to see if you like that kind of fighting? Remember, we have unlimited, free stat and skill resets so you can experiment and see which feels better to you. 

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HoneyBuns gave advice that's not very useful in this case. Soldiers after their second job choice are very different from before that choice. Champs differentiate more sharply into 2hand, spear and axe, with axe being mostly useless, 2hand being mostly focused on skill power and spear doing well in PvM thanks to Victorious Respite's sustain and the dodge stacks but middling to poor in PvP. Knights generally always do okay at the very least in both PvM and PvP. Some knights are geared for PvP and are merciless killers, so they seem to have their cake and eat it too. That said, champs can gear to be killers too, but aren't always useful in lategame PvM (some dungeons either don't benefit much from spears but do from 2handers, or champs in general without best-in-slot gear overall don't bring much to the table for that specific dungeon.) Until axe champs are reworked or buffed a bit, it's really a 'level as spear and respec to 2hand' meta. Knights are always wanted and useful, though, even if their utility varies based on the current needs of the party.

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