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Patch Notes - 2023-08-28 (Clan Rewards, Prison, Accessories & More)


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Hello all,

We're happy to share our latest update, checkout the details below!


Clan vs. Clan Rewards

A few weeks ago we held our Clan vs. Clan Tournament and thanks to all the clans that participated! Since then we've been preparing the clan rewards for the teams. The final standings were:

1st Place: GodLy
2nd Place: Aura
3rd Place: Vanguard

As the winners of the event, GodLy clan will be receiving a custom outfit with their clan insignia incorporated:


As a bonus for winning first place, some special decorations were added around and in training grounds so GodLy can flex their title for a few weeks!


Additionally, as a thank you to all clans that participated we will be providing a participation costume to all the remaining clans:


We will be coordinating with all the clan masters from various clans to distribute these rewards!

Finally, we wrote up a small "retrospective" post regarding the clan vs. clan event, how it went and what we want to change for the next one. If you are interested please read here:


Prison Riot


The prisoners in Sikuku Underground Prison have started to riot. They have broken out of their cells and their numbers in the main rooms have increased! Outnumbered, the Sikuku Infiltrators have fled the main room areas and are regrouping to protect the Queen.

The spawns in Sikuku Underground Prison have been adjusted. We increased the density of the spawns and removed Infiltrators from the first few rooms. Prison is an iconic map but the last iteration felt like a departure from the original design of this map. We hope this will now serve as a fun leveling alternative to Sikuku Ruins with compelling new drops and a good flow of chemicals.


Unique Skill Reset

At long last it is now possible to reset unique skills individually. When using the unique skill reset there is a new UI flow which allows the player to select which skill they want to reset. The player will then be reimbursed for the skill points for that skill only. Remember, when a Unique Skill is reset, the skill points are returned but the skill book itself disappears and will have to be obtained again if you decide to add the skill back in the future.



Level 200 Accessories


We have added some new accessories to the game and drop tables. This jewelry was originally found in the Orlean Royal Family Tombs but was stolen by thieves! Some of these miscreants were caught and sent to prison but the jewelry was never recovered while others still roam free on Orlo to this day...


Level 240 Accessories


The level 240 accessories are currently extremely rare and only drop on a few mobs that are easily camped or timed. We have added these accessories to the drop tables of the bosses of a few dungeons albeit with a very very low drop chance!


Prismatic Adjustments


Prismatic Dust/Fiber/Lattice are critical materials for crafting grade 8/9/10 gems, however in the old drop tables they were incredibly hard to get. We have made some adjustments to make these more accessible and more fun to farm.

  • Prismatic Dust: Lowered the drop tier for all existing monsters that drop Dust
  • Prismatic Fiber: Removed from all mobs currently dropping Fiber and added as a drop to various kings on Eldeon and Orlo
  • Prismatic Lattice: Lowered the drop tier for all existing monsters that drop Lattice


Venurune & Plutorune


We have added Venurunes to the Honor Shop (200 points) and Plutorunes (400 points) to the Valor Shop. Venurunes can be used to increase the success chance when refining an item by +10% for each Venurune used. A maximum of 2 Venurunes may be used at once. Plutorunes can be used to protect your item from degrading if the refine fails.




  • Updated unique skill reset to allow reseting one unique skill at a time


  • Sikuku Underground Prison: Increased density of monster spawns
  • Sikuku Underground Prison: Removed Sikuku Infiltrators from rooms 1,2,3
  • Fossil Sanctuary: Removed Colission from dead trees
  • Sikuku Catacombs: Removed 9th grade bindrune and apotrope from dungeon reward table


  •  Added new level 200 accessories
    • Added Crooked Accessory Set
    • Added Plundered Accessory Set
    • Added Pirated Accessory Set
    • Added Pilfered Accessory Set
    • Added Swindled Accessory Set
    • Added Pillaged Accessory Set
  • Guns: Increased attack speed from 0.5 to 0.7
  • Fixed Shield of Cheer so it can be refined
  • Fixed Magic Tool of Spearmint so it can be refined
  • Fixed Dark Oblivion Sheild so it can be refined
  • Prismatic Dust: Lowered the drop tier for all existing monsters that drop dust
  • Prismatic Fiber: Removed from all mobs currently dropping fiber and added as a drop to various kings on Eldeon and Orlo
  • Prismatic Lattice: Lowered the drop tier for all existing monsters that drop lattice
  • Vagabond Ring/Earring/Necklace: Added to a dungeon boss drop table
  • Traveler Ring/Earring/Necklace: Added to a dungeon boss drop table
  • Wanderer Ring/Earring/Necklace: Added to a dungeon boss drop table
  • Drifter Ring/Earring/Necklace: Added to a dungeon boss drop table
  • Vagrant Ring/Earring/Necklace: Added to a dungeon boss drop table
  • Plutorune: Added to Valor Shop
  • Venurune: Added to Honor Shop


  • Fixed new characters not starting with 200 zulie and no default skills on hotbar
  • Fixed a regression with maximum characters count, updated back to 5 maximum
  • Fixed sending a private message causing the player to instantly disconnect
  • Fixed private message windows not working anymore if the window was kept open after a player returned to character select
  • Fixed server disconnect bugs when sending messages with special characters
  • Fixed not being able to open shops with a space in the name
  • Fixed clan skill timers showing incorrectly
  • Made the Waterfall Event easier to trigger for Hope's Sleep Spell Quest

If you have any feedback regarding this patch, please share it with us in this topic!

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Clan vs. Clan Retrospective

The ROSE Online Summer 2023 Clan vs. Clan  was the first organized event for our team and it was a great success! We streamed the event over two weekends and it was a lot of fun to see all the clans and interactions with the community. It was also fun to see what strategies and tactics players used and gave us a lot of insight into  the current PvP meta in the game. However, we want to take a moment to reflect on the event to see what went well and what we can do better for next time. Many of the thoughts written down here are based on feedback we directly received from players in real-time.


What went well

Participation: We were excited to see a large number of clans sign up for the event! In fact, more clans signed up than we had expected and ultimately we had only 1 clan no-show. A big thank you to all the clans who made this event a success!

Stream: Luckily we were able to stream all the events, which helped with engagement and made the event more fun! The streams were quite interactive and we had lots of great conversations during the event. It was fun to connect with players in real time. Long live the Datu Tree 🫡.

Second weekend schedule: For the second weekend, we were a lot more organized and the schedule proceeded very smoothly. A big shout out to the team members working hard in the background teleporting clans and coordinating resets and substitutions. Providing a schedule was also helpful for the participants to make accommodations.

Format: The 8v8 format seemed to be a good format and the time limit made the battles just long enough to be interesting without being too long. Additionally, requiring different classes to participate made for some interesting fights and line-ups and we saw teams adapting in real time! I think we can safely use this format again in the future, but we are also considering different formats. 

Group/Knockout: We felt the tournament style was fun with the initial group stages followed by the knockouts. We will likely use this format again as it gives clans more time to actually play in the tournament during the group stages.


What could be improved

Format: We opted for a referee based format with someone calling the match in real time. Unfortunately, we did not have time to implement better features like real-time death counting, on screen counter display, etc. While we did a good job refereeing, ultimately the process is error prone due to the fast nature of deaths, revives, etc. within the game. For example, in the infamous Envy vs. AbonFoundation match we did miscount one of the fights. While the "ruling on the field" format with referees was okay for this event, in the future we will be investing in having more automated systems.

Communication: For the clan leaders involved behind the scenes we often had confusing/conflicting communication leading up to the event. Changing rules last minute, allowing subs off-roster, then reversing that decision, etc. Moving forward we will be more organized in our communication to avoid any confusion with clan leaders.

Schedule: The first weekend we did not create and publish a schedule for the group stage matches. Unfortunately, this penalized players who made themselves available all day to participate in group stage matches, but then did not get a chance to play. In the future, we will be posting official match times for all matches and will be strict about clans being available for their scheduled times. This will also allow people to adjust their schedules accordingly.

Re-schedule: Due to some issues internally we had to re-schedule the original CvC to different dates. Unfortunately this was due to unforeseen circumstances and we hope to avoid this from here on out. We regret all the disruptions it caused for players who had already made accommodations in their schedules.

Spectators: Regarding future events we would like players to be able to spectate the matches in game. Additionally, it's clear that spectating ROSE PvP in general is hard. Animations for skills are re-used, the visual feedback makes it hard to know what was being cast, what state players are in etc. We'd like to explore improvements in this area in the future.



In the end the Clan vs. Clan event was a success from our side but there is definitely room for improvement. As a team, we already made huge strides from the first weekend to the second. We hope to host another one in the winter incorporating all the lessons we've learned and with some new exciting systems implemented. Additionally, we took a lot of notes from the event and will be working on tweaking classes over the next months based on what we observed and player feedback.

Once again thank you to all the clans who participated. We will be reaching out to clans to distribute rewards for the event over the coming days. We'll see you at the next CvC!


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