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Patch Notes - 2023-07-27 (Clan vs. Clan Preparation Patch) [CANCELLED]


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Hello all!

Today we're releasing a small patch to apply some needed changes for the upcoming clan vs. clan event. We've held back content that would disrupt this event and will release it after the event has completed. We'll be streaming the event this weekend so make sure to tune in, for more details check out the post at

Reverting to back First Hit

Recently, we made some changes to the drop system and based on player feedback and wider testing, we have decided to revert these changes back to the simpler first hit mechanic. Now to claim a drop, the first player who hits the monster will get the drop when it dies. Here are the full rules for claiming ownership of the drop:

  • The player must be the first hit on the monster
  • If the player has not hit the monster for 5 minutes, then drop ownership will be given to the next player
  • If the player is not within 60m of the monster when it dies, then they will not be the drop owner


Variscite Asscher => Variscite Briolette - *ACTION REQUIRED!*


The Variscite Asscher compatible slot was changed from foot to face.

NOTE! For players with existing Variscite Asschers in items, the jewel will be automatically removed and placed in their Premium Storage.



  • UI
    • Updated character select screen to new UI system
  • Mounts
    • Added restriction to Luna wolf → level 80
    • Added restriction to Sabertooth → level 110
    • Added restriction to Mammoth → level 90
    • Added restriction to Dreadnaught → level 90
    • Added restriction to Kera's Pet → level 200
  • Gameplay
    • Changed mob drop ownership to be exclusively based on first hit
    • Added a distance check to mob ownership
      • A player must be near a mob when it dies to be the owner of the drop
    • Added a system to automatically reset skills for players with excess skill points
      • This situation is extremely unlikely, but a previously rollback left some players with extra skill points and/or skills
    • Disabled walking when riding a mount
    • Adjusted cooldown for skill “Soul Recall” to: Level 1 (14 seconds), Level 2 (11 seconds), and Level 3 (8 seconds). 
  • Items
    • Variscite gems: Changed from foot slot to face slot
  • Misc
    • Fixed a bug where a player could still see another player's online status even if they were removed from their friends list or never accepted their friend request (stalking bug)
    • Added maps and clan passive disabling logic for upcoming Clan vs. Clan event
    • Fixed a bug where disconnecting during character select would break the login UI
    • Fixed a bug where players could open a shop too close to an NPC
  • Maps
    • Shady Jungle: added ammunition and return scrolls to Shilma
    • Sikuku Underground Prison: added ammunition and return scrolls to Heliantus





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