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Katar's Raiders need Buff


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Hello Roserians! I did some testing on PVP with my 250 Raider class and it was terrible.

I used an Exalted +10 set with lava set and Katar +16 with gems.

Using all the poison and fire skills I had a total of 13 whole matches played in Crystal Defend, having a total of 1 or 2 kill per match trying very hard with a lot of difficulty , while a mage or scout with an exalted set achieves between 6~8 kill . In my experience I did a survey with my friends who play Raider and they all said that the Raider Skitter is very weak . We'd like you on the board to look at the class for the purpose of balancing the game ...The abilities to burn and poison need a buff to balance the strength of the character .


Please I come to ask for a slight balancing so that we raider can compete in the same pattern with the Mages, Scouts, Champions, Bourgs .

Well , this is my opnion , sorry for anything and thanks 🙂 

Thanks in advance

Signed : iraa❤️

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