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Dupe Hack/Bots?


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Hello, something I'm worried about could be hack dupe or bots I don't know but I'm seeing people selling stacks of Lisent U with 5 stacks of (999) and stacks like 7 of (999) of pink powder same as purple powder on same shop, that is possible? or are people already using methods that are not allowed in the game? I stopped playing for a few weeks when I came back the economy of the game was already different with things much more expensive than it was before, as I bought my wings at 80k now the wings are already at 500k just like pink powder I believe it was selling for 50k  and now they are selling for 180k Something is ruining the economy and this can be a problem for someone starting from the beginning, there may be no way to buy things in the shops for new people, I don't know how the endgame of the game is on the part of farm but lisent u rare drop are selling stacks 5 of 999 i think something is not right.

There's another thing yesterday I went to the b2 caves and I didn't know class but it must have been a Soldier I think he was just doing aoe and killing that's ok, but what caught my attention was the other player was on a mount picking up items could be the same person and the way he picked up the items seemed kind of robotic a bot program so I think people are starting to use bots to farm.

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The refines you're seeing for 5 stacks of 999 probably be coming from buy and sell. Cause I myself join a cou/sod clearing farm team and after like 5-10 runs I get 100pc lisent u and drop to the vendor who has highest buy list price for it. goes the same for 8th/9th bindrunes/talisman/apotropes and other refines like pink/purple/lisent hg. imagine many people doing it at the same time.

also for the inflated prices, I recently had a talk with a player in rose discord general chat which he indicates that the inflation came from people quitting the game, making their zulie be passed on to the other players, resulting in less people playing with higher purchasing power, forcing the items to inflate.

for the farming u see like the aoe killing and looting, either they really use bot(as your intuition says) or they are just enduring it and manually kills and picks up the loots

however, we are still open to possibilities as we don't surely know whats happening. other than that, we could matchup these prices maybe we just need to farm dungeons again and sell at the current price for now 😀

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People are able to farm stacks of materials from dungeons/quests/farming etc. it’s quite easy for those with Bourgeois and drop gems. They can get a stack in a day if they know how to. 
As mentioned above some buy and sell and get heaps that way from those farming and it becomes a cycle.

If you see any suspicious players that act bot like, try to communicate with them and see if you get a response. You can also try and lure them by dropping items next to them to see if they auto pick up and follow the breadcrumb trail.

If no response is given and they do follow automatically what you drop, and their method is the same repetition, take a screen shot and report it here on the forums in the Support section. 

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Its supply and demand, as hispeed says. Few people are farming forcing and those people who farms try to inflate the items.


I kinda agree with you that those players who just started playing tend to lose hope right away and quit. I remember a party mate in luna wherein he was shock with the prices in junon and his having a hard time earning one.

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