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Concern on CvC

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I had no idea where to post this but i am going to post it here, there was this bug that happened on the last update (clan skill issues and character skill issues) when it got fixed some people that reset their skills and got back their skills plus another 200 something extra skill points i am sure this has not being fixed and a lot of people are quiet about it because the CvC coming our way soon and they would obviously want to have the advantage of having ALL skills ( imagine a Mage with ALL the skills and passives, or a Raider with all their passives and skills) it will create a greater GAP than the clan skills, and i think this SHOULD be addressed before the event happens.  There's some proof on the discord on the art share channel made by the user "robbitz" showing all the skills he got with the bug.

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Thank you for bringing up your concern! While an automated process of determining who has extra skill points is still being developed, the following has been suggested by Garnet:

Each participant will be forced to reset their job skills (not unique) and the reset will be confirmed by the game logs. 

Yes, this is only a temporary solution to try and not have the event pushed out further. Hopefully an automated method will be done sooner to avoid this hassle, but at least there is a plan in place. 

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