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Patch Notes - 2023-06-01 (Overdamage Update)


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Over-damage Removed
In this update we removed the "over-damage" mechanic from combat. Previously, when the last player to hit a mob before it died it was they could receive extra credit for their damage in excess of the remaining health of the mob. For this over-damage a player would receive some extra exp and would get extra damage credit. When we changed the drop ownership system to give the chance of ownership to either first hit or most damage, this caused some issues. For example:

Player 1 is attacking a monster with 1000 health. They do first hit and 700 damage.
Player 2 comes and last hits the monster with a 1500 damage skill.

In the old system, despite player 1 doing 70% of the monsters actual health, the over-damage system would give player two 300 damage credit + an extra 500 over damage credit for a total of 800 damage. In some cases this would allow player two to claim drop ownership!

In the new system, players will only get credit for damage that actually reduced the monster's HP. In the case of this example, that means player two would only ever get 300 damage worth of credit and player one that got first hit and did the most damage would always get the drop.

Game Arena Rebalancing
We have adjusted the rewards for Crystal Defenders and Draconis Peaks to make then viable alternatives to Akram Arena. Currently most players play Akram Arena because it has the highest reward potential for playing and the play time is brief at 20-25 minutes. To balance Crystal Defenders we have increased the rewards for various actions taken in the game (such as killing a player or destroying a crystal) to make it a more rewarding game mode. We also increased the total maximum point reward to 500 to make it equal to Akram Arena.

The number of players that can join a Draconis Peaks game is lower so we dropped the time to 10 minutes to encourage that game mode to be a "high octane" but short mode to play. We also increased the point reward pool so it is more rewarding to play with a maximum of 250 points per round.

We have made some long overdue updates to the updater. First, we fixed the issue which would result in the updater sometimes corrupting XML files whenever there was a new update for them. The updater also now works on all platforms when using emulation layers like Wine, Proton or Lutris. This means you will be able to update your client when running the game on MacOS, Linux or the Steamdeck by just running the updater. We also fixed a bug that prevented the updater's play button from correctly working when running it from a script.


Whats next...

We currently have a few active larger projects in development that we plan to release in the next few patches. We are working on the infamous "skill delay" bug which causes some players to get stuck in the casting state. We are also continuing to work on the "rubber-banding" issues in parts of Fossil Sanctuary and other maps. This month we released character and account storage coupons on the Item Mall but we are working on new content that will allow Dealers and Artisans ways to increase their storage naturally through the game. Work has started on the "unique skill reset" problem and a re-balancing of exp across all zones is in progress. Finally we have some exciting initiatives on the graphics front and user interface front that will open up some new horizons for the game. Of course this is only a small fraction of what we are working on so stay tuned for further updates!

- Game Arena:
  - Crystal Defenders
    - Increased the point rewards for most actions
    - Increased the maximum points per match to 500
  - Draconis Peaks
    - Reduced game time to 10 minutes
    - Maximum points per match increased to 250
- Maps:
  - Breezy Hills:
    - Added more beginner equipment and items to Punwell's shop
  - Xita Refuge:
    - Added fuel to Gilbert's shop
  - Desert City of Muris:
    - Added fuel to Rahd's shop
- Quest:
  - Updated quest tracker to support translations
    - French: Started translating quest tracker strings to French
  - Fixed Jones always having a quest notification even when there was no quest available
  - Fixed William providing the Aqua Hunt quest when it shouldn't have been available
  - Fixed a bug where Lena was missing a quest indicator during one of her quests
  - Fixed a bug in Francis's dialog where he repeated the same sentence twice during the "Holy Scissors..." quest
  - Fixed small typo in The Lost Prince (1) quest line
  - Fixed Jeffrey Lloyd quest indicator being always available
  - Increased Healing Krawfy quest drop chance
  - Fixed various quest indicators being incorrect
- Items:
  - Easter Basket: Fixed gem glow
  - Astarot Wings: Fixed refining requirements, now requires an 7th Grade Apotrope instead of a 5th Grade Apotrope
  - Teepee Shop: Removed from Valor Shop
  - Fixed a typo in Bert's Bambo(o) Spear name
  - Frozen Sea Crystal: fixed missing description in Portuguese and added French translation
- UI:
  - Added new option to enable/disable sound
  - Fixed an issue preventing longer passwords from being copied and pasted into password text box
  - Added rate limiter for friends request so friend requests cannot be spammed
  - Fixed an issue when copy pasting longer passwords in the login UI
- Gamepad:
  - Fixed a bug caused by the second skillbar when using a controller
  - Fixed a bug with dragging skills from the skillbar when using a controller
  - Added ability to view the nearest shop when using a controller (for now players must move away from the shop for the dialog to close)
- Misc:
  - Removed overdamage bonus for last hit on monster
  - Fixed a bug where a player would not be able to return back to the login screen if the initially logged in using auto login
  - Fixed a typo in Mildun's dialog
  - Update Raffle's dialog to provide correct information regarding refining
  - Corrected the description of White Glow Painters
  - Increased tint of Purple Glow Painter
  - Added French translations for Shop names
  - Added French translations for NPC names (only the [ type ] )
  - Fixed erroneous behavior with the "target enemy" skill
  - Increased the pool of targetable enemies for the "target enemy" skill
- Event:
  - Fixed errors in the Graduation Event dialogs
  - Fixed Judith's Summer Event dialogs to match the rewards given
  - Fixed Paul having Halloween dialogs when it's not Halloween
  - Fixed Jeffrey Lloyd having a bugged halloween quest available
  - Updated summer backpack to be bound on equip rather than bound on acquire and added back stats
- Updater:
  - Fixed issue where updater would corrupt XML files
  - Fixed issue which prevented updater from running on Proton/Wine/Lutris/etc.

If you have any feedback regarding this patch, please share it with us in this topic!

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