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ROSE Online Updater is now open source


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Hello all,

We have released the ROSE Online updater as an open source project on GitHub: https://github.com/rednimgames/rose-updater.

We were motivated to release our updater as open source because we felt that the community would benefit from being able to contribute to it or see the technical implementation. A few of our enterprising community members have already created scripts and alternative systems for supporting the updates on devices such as Mac OS or providing downloads for the game for those who can't access our downloads due to country restrictions.

We recognize that for some players, being able to work on projects surrounding the game might be just as fun as playing the game. By releasing the updater as open source, we hope to empower these people to do more with less restrictions.

On the personal side, for many of us who are involved in the development currently, ROSE Online was a childhood inspiration. Several people on the team and many people that we know started off their careers in software thanks to working on ROSE Online passion projects. This is our way of returning that same experience that we had back to the community and we hope we can trigger a similar experience for others in the future.

As time progresses we hope to extend this openness even further and hope to open source more things. One day we may release some tools for creating new weapons or items for the game for players to explore their creativity and perhaps even create new things that we can add!  We hope to have a close relationship with our community and we would love to have as much community generated content as we can in the game.

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