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14 honor points after AA loss, is that normal??

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Hi, I had a chance a try out AA today by myself not in a premade group, I couldn't kill anyone but I manage to do some dmg to players. My question is I receivved 14 honor points for the 1st loss but 0 point from the 2nd game. I notice some players in from winning team gain 500+ honor points while I receive 0. Is this normal? Am i supposed to damage the crystal to earn some points? any suggestion will be much appreciated. 🙂

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Points are gained from objectives and player kills. Doing damage to crystals/overall damage done counts towards points. Killing players around crystals earns points. Healing the team earns points. If you’re the mvp (most kills) you get a lot of points. Those are pretty much the main ways. Mostly high kills, high dmg/high healing earns the most points. 

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