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New Ideas section - When is an idea completed?


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In the new Ideas section, which is truly wonderful to have, you see at the top view modes Newest, Popular and Completed.

At each idea you see a status of New, Considering or Implemented, but not completed.

When is an idea completed?

Note: I wasn't sure where to put this topic btw. Hope it's ok here.

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great question .

I hope they work/move faster since they already have this ideas section that points some minor and major issues & ideas !!

and without any offense to rednim team , but this is moving really slow , some players already complain about "no-updates" ,
I think maybe rednim going to do one time big updates once a while and see the results .
but honestly at the current speed.. in 2023 this is not good , it needs to be faster , it have to , otherwise the server will just keep Losing players more.
which will results in a dead game server in no time , which is again something i dont wish to happen , because we all like rose online 🙂 !!!

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If a player really like or love ROSE, then it won't be dead... Players will only be bored

If the server will ever result to being dead because there is no way to realize money for the management to pay the server and webhost, then it only means a lot of players don't like and love the game anymore thus they give up.

Personally, I will be with this ROSE until it would really close and then I will resurrect my own ROSE in my computer and play with my daughter, nephews and nieces at home 😁 That's how I really Love ROSE!

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