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Added controller functionalities


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I am very impressed with controller support, to my surprise, the game feels great with a controller. Only unfortunate thing that I noticed, was there was no button to access the interface menus such as inventory, character stats, etc. I think a good button to interact with these menus, would be to hold the start button, and press up and down on the dpad, to select the interface menu you’d like to access. Similar to all of the menus you pull up, like inventory, you can press left and right to scroll through consumables mats, all the tabs, and there would be a red box or something indicating where your cursor is or what you are selecting (controlled with dpad) this would work similarly with all of the menus, stats, skills, character etc you could fully work everything with just the dpad and some arrow or something indicating what your selecting. with these improvements and added functionality, I believe controller would be fully complete and not require a mouse to access these menus.  
thanks for reading 🙂 

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