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Item Mall Update - April 2023


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Happy Easter to those who celebrate! The Item Mall has been updated!

Here are the highlights of this month’s Item Mall selection.
NOTE: Item Mall storage is free and unlimited so you will never run out of space for your new costumes. IM storage can be accessed by any character on the account.

Let’s start with a few fun hats in honor of April Fool’s Day.  Even tho that day has passed, you can remember it forever with a special head covering.  Be sure to grab these unique items while you can.  A few examples can be found in the spoiler below.


For those bad hair days, try a Paper Bag Hat
paper bag hat.jpg

Everyone’s favorite nightmare is back for a limited time- the Clown Head.

Who can resist a nice Poo Hat?
poo hat.jpg

In this tab, you'll also find a few cute bunny themed items like this backpack.

Easter Bunny Backpack- Carry this adorable Easter Bunny around with you
easter buny backpack.jpg

This month, we also have an assortment of costumes with that "Easter Bonnet" feeling and some sets to get you ready for Spring Training! A couple of examples are in the spoiler below.


Glam Flamingo is a community design contest winner from the old NA server. 
glam flamingo (2).jpg

The Baseball set comes in four colors. Shown here are the black and red sets.
baseball (2).jpg

Very exciting news- something that Rose has needed forever is finally here! The new Invisible Cape will hide your back item.  You can find it in this tab, along with Eye Contacts to hide a mask and Hair Wax to hide a helmet.

Check out one of the shop look coupons and really stand out when you’re vending. 


Remember, when you double click on the coupon in your consumable tab and confirm that you want to use it, the coupon itself will disappear. You will see this message in the system chat right away, and each time you log in. The timer starts to tick down from that moment you activate the coupon.  The timer ticks down regardless of whether you are logged in or not. 
shop look message.jpg

moldie shop.jpg

In addition to our usual assortment of hats, we now have some fresh flower hair accessories to brighten your day.

We've added some different colors of familiar, favorite wings this month, including Silver Seraph Wings that are just beautiful (the ss doesn't do them justice).  The basic wings and adorable animal backpacks are still available too.

silver seraph wings.jpg

Last, but not least, are this month's non-event themed costumes.  For those fierce warriors, we have the Red Samurai Set.  There are different colors of the Traditional Chinese and Karate Sets and a tribute to our fearless leader, LazyPenguin! We love you for bringing back our beloved game<3
Be sure to check out all four pages in this tab.


Here are just a few of the costumes
Guardian Behemoth
guardian behemoth.jpg



Remember, you can preview how everything will look on your character by clicking on Preview on the side of the Item Mall window.
preview tab.jpg

You can turn your character around using the arrows on each side of the reset button.  To preview, simply click on each item.  You can move between the tabs and pages in the IM and create your own unique look.
preview unique.jpg

One final note regarding refining.  Refining Item Mall costumes does not cost zulie and your success is guaranteed, but refine levels can NOT be removed.  So please stop with each refine level and try on the items to make sure you are happy with the glow before continuing to refine.  

Happy Shopping, Roserians!  🛍️

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