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Bourg AOE's need a significant nerf in pvp


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I get that they are supposed to be glass cannon and that's fine i think they should have high single target dmg. I think it may be a little bit high, but that's besides the point. Their AOE's are absolutely insane and can kill 4+ people easily in AA in about 3-4 skills..  It is pretty silly honestly and diminishes other classes accomplishments and abilities a little bit as it is a bit discouraging when a class can just nuke kill 4 people that are grouped up from 35m away and really cannot be touched unless somebody is already by them. This is not even talking about the insane dot dmg it does, it can do 4k+ dmg and over 800 dmg per second for a long time. I get that they are sort of glass cannons but they also can hit you from 35m away so being able to do this insane dot/aoe dmg to a group from really far away is a little bit unfair IMO. 

lmk what you think down below 🙂 ty 

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