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Read Me Before Posting A Suggestion


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For your suggestions to even be considered, it must be written in a way such that the team can work with it. Put some effort in, because if you cannot even put enough effort in to articulate your suggestion, why should they put in the effort to both decypher your suggestion and then implement it.


Follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Know the general forum rules.
  2. Before you post, think about whether your suggestion is actually reasonable and realistic.
  3. Format your post to be readable.
  4. Make sure separate suggestions are presented individually and not lumped together.
  5. Be as concrete as you can (and makes sense), it is impossible to implement anything based on a vague feeling.
  6. If you can, list the pros and cons of your suggestion (in your opinion)
  7. When commenting on other people’s suggestions try to see it from their perspective too, this game is not just for you.


If you are not a native English speaker and struggling with the language and grammar, try to find someone in the community to proof-read your post.


DISCLAIMER: Even if a suggestion is popular on the forum, it is down to the team's discretion whether gets implemented into the game.


Happy suggesting!

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Before posting a suggestion, click and use the search function and see if a previous/similar suggestion has already been created. 

There have been MANY instances in which people are double, triple, or even quadruple posting suggestions that have already been made. I have been doing my best to merge these topics together, but it is getting quite ridiculous. 

Moving forward, suggestions will automatically be locked if they’re a duplicate. 

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