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Updating and working on the official website.


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Hi! I would love if you could do something about the official website www.roseonlinegame.com 

One idea would be to have the latest news about the game on the front page, so new players could get the latest information directly. Above all the latest news, should be the #FAQ. 

Right now alot of new players joining the discord and think the game is alive, sadly becuase they doesn't take the time to read the FAQ etc.
Not everyone is using discord aswell. 

As the website has been the same for very long, it would be nice with an update 🙂

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on this topic
when you go to your profile and you click on the ROSE R it doesn't direct you back to the main website
it keeps you in the profile section

just as an fyi, unsure if you knew about this or not

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