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Can anyone remind me what this place is?


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When I played this game as a teen in the early 2000's I remember there being a place that was only open for 2 hours a night. For me, it was from 6 pm - 8 pm and it was like a training field where you went and killed mobs for a while and got extra exp. I also remember it spawning special jelly bean mobs that gave huge exp drops. Other than that all I can remember was that it was for lower-level characters and I think you entered it from Junon polis. I know this is super vague and I wish I could provide more info, but anyway does anyone remember this and is it still a thing?

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That was junon clan field with the riddler jelly beans. It was a pvp/pvm map with 3 tiers from lvl 30-49, 50-69 and 70-89. You killed mobs and the jellybeans spawn then you overkill them for huge exp. 

That version of junon clan field hasn't been a thing since the game first went free to play in 2008. 

There have been versions of junon clan field after that, but currently it's not open (for some reason).

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