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Nerfs and Adjustments for Sikuku Underground Prison


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Sikuku Underground Prison requires level 180 to begin the 2 repeatable quests within it.

The quest from Kentucky Jones requires the player to use a Shovel to dig up 3 Artifacts in unmarked locations on the map and rewards a player with about 1 million experience. The other quest given by Helianthus has the player step on 3 Yellow Mushrooms around the area to complete, and this quest also rewards 1 million experience. Both of these quests are pretty much pointless for the low amount of experience and high amount of mob aggro within the rooms. 

The experience reward should be increased to atleast 3 million as well as adding a new quest for each NPC to kill certain mobs or collect items off of them within the Sikuku Prison for another 3 million or so experience reward. As well as lowering the quests level requirment to level 170. There is no questing outside of the Sikuku Ruins for players level 170-180 that don't want to go into a PvP zone. In addition there could also be 2 new Valor related quests to deliver or check up on the 2 NPCs in the Sikuku Prison which then has the a second part to go find or kill monsters for the 2 NPCs then return back to Xita for the Valor rewards appropriate for level 170-180 characters.

The Sikuku Infiltrators are way too powerful as a normal ranged mob. They have a big aggro range and way too short respawn timer. They can reduce a players movement and attack speed by 70% making it almost impossible to move or attack for 15-20 seconds. They can also completely debuff a player too. These abilites would fit king or other higher ranked mobs much better. I suggest that Sikuku Infiltrators have their debuffs removed, and their spawn time slightly increased to make them a "normal ranged mob". Give their abilities to leader, captain or king mobs instead. They are way too powerful for a basic ranged mob as they are even with the removal of their invisibility. Or just remove the mob completely and introduce it elsewhere, as Sikuku Prison is terrible for levelling with how strong they are. 

See bellow for screenshots of the NPCs, the location of the dig spots for the digging quest, the quest reward, and everyone's favourite mob the Sikuku Infiltrator.



TLDR: Sikuku Prison should start at 170 instead of 180, the quests need some love, and more quests are needed. Sikuku Infiltrators need to be nerfed more or removed to make Prison great again!








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