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CGs are expensive - How can they give Dealers combat capability and value for money?


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Hi, guys. As you know, many of the things Dealers craft can be equipped by anyone who meets the stats requirements. This includes the much-vaunted vanity piece, the awesome (and currently useless) behemoth of destruction, the Castle Gear. Anyone who's done the quest can equip and ride a CG. If that is the case, how do Dealers get any benefit out of it?


Currently, guns and launchers provide dealers with bonus ranged auto-attack damage and some nifty skills of varying elemental attribution and effect (slows, stuns, DEF down, Damage over Time, poison, and sorcery damage). This along with ammo of different sorts gives dealers a profound combat advantage when using guns and launchers. That doesn't stop other classes from using these weapons, of course.

In the same way, anyone can use a CG but Dealers should have something that makes crafting this monstrosity worth the time and effort.  What do you think, guys? Something simple, like passives for bonus ATK, DEF and attack range when riding PAT as well as CG specifically? What about something exciting, though? Let's talk.

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