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Patch Notes - 2023-02-23


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Hello all,

Last update we released our stability patch which has been a great success and our service has achieved the highest up time to date! Since then we have been actively working to continue ironing out the priority issues that we consider "critical". After the last update, we anticipated we would continue focusing on "stability" for the rest of February and are on track! In this update we've fixed a few more game server crashes and a few more technical issues related to the item code as well as some other bugs reported to us by players.

We fixed a major issue where players were losing their gems or substats from items randomly. We also fixed an annoying bug with the pickup skill that wasn't allowing players to pickup an item that they could, the same fix should also resolve the issue with drop indicators being inaccurate.

We are still tracking the disconnect issue that is impacting some players. We have added more logging to our systems to help us identify the issue and are tracking it as high priority. This is our last "stability" item that we have identified and we hope to resolve it ASAP!

We had some more things we wanted to include in this update but didn't want to postpone this any longer due to the gem/substat fix being available. We opted to deploy this patch now to prevent players from losing anymore gems while we continue working in other areas. Some things on our roadmap for the next updates:

  • Adding machine id tracking to remove Game Arenas IP limitations
  • Addressing complaints regarding summons in game arenas
  • Fixing frequent disconnect issue for players
  • Improving the repeatable quest situation
  • Evaluating drop tables
  • Brainstorming new clan based content (we'd love to hear your ideas or suggestions on the forum!)
  • Improving engine performance around particles



  • Quest:
    • Fixed Qpid mentionning wrong level requirements for the event quest
    • Removed Darren dialogs mentionning Ruven Token
    • Corrected wrong descriptions of the quest reward items from Linda
  • Game:
    • Fixed a bug with the pickup skill that was not letting players pick up party drops
    • Fixed refine material for the some Sub Weapons requiring bindrume rather than talisman for:
      • Pharaoh's Mummy Doll
      • Pharaoh's Mammy Doll
      • Sopdu Shield of the Pharaoh
      • Pharaoh's Book of Horus
      • Tutankhamun's Mummy Doll
      • Tutankhamun's Mammy Doll
      • Sopdu Shield of Tutankhamun
      • Tutankhamun's Book of Horus
    • Fixed Dragon Defender Wings not being able to be refined
    • Corrected the Happy Holiday from an item mall type to an event type item
    • Modified Frost set to give set bonuses when equipped as normal equipment only (previously was a costume bonus)
  • Misc:
    • Fixed bug which didn't check case when renaming a character allowing two characters to have the same name (e.g. lazypenguin & LaZyPeNgUiN)
    • Fixed bug which didn't check case when creating a clan allowing to clans to have the same name (e.g. coolclan & Coolclan)
    • Fixed two cases that could cause the game server to crash
    • Added a fix for gems and substats randomly disappearing from player's items
    • Removed zuly requirements for refining item mall items
    • Fixed a bug in the bad name checks causing the restrictions to be too strict (e.g. names could not have the letters gm next to each other)
    • Update item mall purchases tab to be open by default
    • Fixed the ability to bypass the TOS screen
    • Added some additional logs to aid investigating the ongoing disconnect issues reported by some players

If you have any feedback regarding this patch, please share it with us in this topic!

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