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[SKILL] Forbidden Technique (Mage utility skill)


Forbidden Technique - its effects on Mana Shield  

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  1. 1. Is the concept as stated a good idea?

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Hello, Visitors. As you know, there's debate raging around the mage's overly strong and unhindered durability in PvP. The following suggestion aims to sidestep some of the problems attached to the use of Fortified Mana Shield by... removing it! Well, yes but also no. We'll add a skill that does the work for us. We'll look at what this skill does, its pros and cons and lastly we'll have a cup of chamomile tea. Remember, discuss the concept and not the numbers.


Skill: Forbidden Technique

Type: Self-Buff

Duration: 30 seconds

Cooldown: 9 seconds


Forbidden Technique puts the mage in a status where the next job skill cast will suffer an additional t seconds of casting (+ animation) time and forcibly consume 100% of their available mana. Damage-dealing skills will gain an additional minimum 30% skill power and x bonus cast range (x = 10 meters or whatever isn't too OP.) Non-damage dealing skills like Mana Shield will instead have their restriction on how much mana is used for it unlocked - in other words, the magic shield absorption will use 100% of their mana instead of just 70% at full point investment for Fortified Mana Shield and 50% for Mana Shield. After the use of a skill during the effect of Forbidden Technique, the mage will enter an undispellable negative state called Backlash, during which they cannot replenish their mana through any means except natural regeneration. (Skills like Meditation, Staff Channelling, Mana Shield Siphon and Mana Stream will still work fine. The Sit skill will also work. ) This status will persist until mana has been fully replenished.



- Sidesteps the problems of Fortified Mana Shield by allowing mages choice in their durability. 

- Enhances what mages want enhanced - spell damage and durability.

- Mages still have weaknesses to exploit.

- Looks cool!




- Mages will have to act more tactically if they want to include this spell in their toolkit.

- Could bring about a forced meta if this skill is implemented as a Unique skillbook. If implemented as part of the base skill tree, there will be overwhelming pressure to learn this for PvP arena combat.

- Casting time 'penalty' could be confused for animation bug.


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Skill should be, allow the use of fortified mana shield make it 100% mana conversion to shield and the cd to 30 sec. Offensive spellpower can be 40% and range +5 meters. Backlash effect is a must to make it ok. or make fortified mana shield an invulnerability spell for 5 seconds with a 50 sec cd.



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