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More of a question than a Suggestion - TOUCH SCREEN


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1 hour ago, GodOfEntity said:

Is touch screen planned for PC? =--- I would actually buy a touch screen monitor just for duel client on a second monitor, play touch with my left hand, while I play mouse on the other client with my right. 
Seems absurd to do, but I think that would be way too fun. 

That is a good thing to try if it will work outright on touchscreen machine without reprogramming in the client... but if it will requires any adjustment in the code just to make it work, then perhaps that will go on queue probably when they have the liberty to try with the mobile version too.

Personally, I will stick with the good old mouse as my brain is endowed with the tactile feel of the left and right button and also with the scroll wheel but only after it becomes always available with the mouse. That is the reason why I am not a fan of mobile games, I always missed the tactile feeling of the controls on such games.

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Your comment made me realize how stupid I am, and how awesome this game would actually work with a touch screen completely natively, lol. 

Now I just need to figure out how to position the second monitor so I don't need to reach up...  This... Is going to be AWESOME xD

After putting a lot of thought into this, the problem would be, the mouse jumping to the monitor every time you click on something. 

My proposed solution is simply installing a virtual machine, keeping ROSE open in that virtual machine, and disabling the mouse on the virtual machine through device manager on the VM itself. 

If anyone has any experience with this, please let me know.  
(7 Gamers 1 CPU would have experience with this, I will refer to LTT for this solution) 

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