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Skill Power should affect Dots (damage over time)


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Hi, just bringing about my two cents that the "Skill Power" stat, should affect dots coming from skills (It currently only affects the base hit of the skill and does nothing to affect the dot damage at all)

In my opinion, it is very counter-intuitive that Damage that is coming from my skills, is not being increased by Skill Power stats or Gems.

Now while i think it should be added, I don't know the best way to implement this to affecting dots, as Having +300 skill power, should probably not just add +300 damage to every Tick of the dot. But maybe Add it to the total the dot is suppose to do over its duration, and then split between how many times its suppose to proc?

Ex: Dot debuff lasts for 6 seconds, Ticking every 1.5 seconds for 100 damage - That is 4 ticks over the duration of the debuff dealing 400 damage in total. Adding a +300 Skill power item would bring the total damage to 700, split into the 4 ticks of 175 damage every 1.5 seconds.

If you have any other ways this could possibly be implemented, feel free to share below!

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I dont agree with it. Dots are already very strong and this just makes them stronger,  full luminous set already does a ton of damage in pvp and this just does more damage. I I dont really like the spectrolite weapon gem much but the effect of the skill isnt the skill itself.

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