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Create a “best friends” list


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For those that play with close friends or dual client, having a best friends list where certain actions would require only the approval of one party would be a HUGE quality of life improvement. 

ex: trading items over to an alt (instead of the alt needing to confirm the message xxx would like to trade with you), it would just automatically open the trade window on both ends 

this would be even more useful for cart rides - currently having to go back between screens to click yes/accept is very time consuming so it’d be great if I could hit request ride on 1 char and assuming the other char is in range, it could automatically throw them onto my back seat. Again i know there’d be issues/griefing if this was able to be done by anyone, but hence why I’m proposing a best friends list where it could make these actions one way only for trusted buddies/alts



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Seems like this would be considerable work for not much gain! 


I don't necessarily agree with people levelling dual client anyway, witch takes the urgency out of using cart rides.

But I have never found it to be strenuous to switch over to accept trades etc with my vendor. 

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